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‘There’s not even any workers inside’: The drive-thru line at Raising Cane’s is backed up. There’s no one working

'Somebody started the drive-thru.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jul 5, 2023   Updated on Jul 5, 2023, 3:00 pm CDT

Raising Cane’s was one of the few fast-food restaurants that closed on the Fourth of July. Both the restaurant made that announcement on its website, and many news outlets covered the closure in listicles on which fast-food restaurants were open and which were not. However, it seemed many customers missed the memo—at least at one Raising Cane’s location in California.

A woman filmed a long drive-thru line at a Raising Cane’s despite the fact the restaurant was closed. Not only was there were no employees in sight, TikToker @rachellleeegil filmed a sign on the front door of the chicken chain that stated the restaurant was “closed on the 4th of July.” The sign urged customers to return to the restaurant the day after the holiday.

“So, it says right here: ‘We’re going to be closed on the Fourth of July,'” @rachellleeegil said while filming the sign and long drive-thru line.

She explained how the line started, claiming one person drove up to the speaker box, and that started a chain reaction.

“Somebody f*cking started the drive-thru, and now the drive-thru’s like all the way back. There’s not even any workers inside,” she said, attempting to hold back laughter throughout the entirety of her video.

“Should I go take orders or what?” @rachellleeegil quipped in the text overlay.

@rachellleeegil only in rialto 😂🤪 #goofy #rialto #caneschicken #canessauce #4thofjuly ♬ original sound – 🤍

The Daily Dot reached out to @rachellleeegil via Instagram direct message. Her video racked up over 316,000 views within 24 hours. Many viewers criticized the customers who showed up expecting to drive away with chicken fingers.

“Do people not look up whether a place is open on a holiday,” one viewer questioned.

Others believe the restaurant should have posted a sign at the drive-thru as well. “Tiny sign on the door. Guessing no sign at the drive [thru],” one speculated.

One commenter suggested through their comment that there was a sign in the drive-thru. “I was gonna get canes yesterday and went to the drive [thru] sat there for a hot second before I read the dang sign that said closed lol,” they said.

TikToker @rachellleeegil revealed how long the first person at the drive-thru was waiting in the comments section. “He was fr sitting there for over 20 minutes and no one said anything I drive back around on my way home from the store and he was still there,” she claimed.

Raising Cane’s is closed on many holidays. According to its website, it is closed on “New Year’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.”

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*First Published: Jul 5, 2023, 2:59 pm CDT