woman shares that her property manager was fired and releases all of corporates owner's phone numbers


‘Justice for her’: Property manager exposes ‘luxury’ apartment’s corporate phone numbers after she gets fired

‘Call those numbers!!! Don’t let her go out like this.’


Braden Bjella


Some property managers can be a major headache. For example, one user on TikTok claimed last year that their property manager cited them for putting curtains on their balcony, which they said was not barred in their lease. Another internet user ended up suing their property manager after they allegedly illegally tracked their stimulus check.

However, other property managers are simply trying to do their job. One such property manager formerly ran the property that TikTok user Lexie Firment (@missfirment) lives in—and now, there’s drama afoot.

According to Firment, “one of the property managers here is being ‘pushed out’ by corporate.” As a result, this property manager decided to send applicable tenants an email detailing all of the services she provided for tenants and a list of issues that still linger in the building—issues that the former property manager has allegedly been trying to fix but has been stalled by corporate.

“This is the list of problems that actually most of us have here,” says Firment while chroma-keyed in front of the email. “By the way, we live in a ‘luxury’ apartment and we pay like $2k a month.”

The video currently has over 655,000 views.

@missfirment The alleged drama here at my “luxury” apartment complex #apartmenttherapy #apartmentliving #apartmentproblems #livinginanapartmentproblems #rentingproblems #rentingtips ♬ original sound – Lexie Firment

Some of Firment’s other videos note the many issues with her apartment that bring the “luxury” moniker into question. This could be part of a growing trend in which apartments are branded as “luxury” while having basic quality issues.

Regardless, it seems that, at least according to the email, the previous property manager had been attempting to remedy these issues. Then, at the bottom of the email sharing this information, the former property manager did something unexpected.

“She put the names and numbers, like cell phone numbers, of every corporate person,” Firment says. “She’s like, ‘Don’t hesitate to call them at all hours of the night. I’m sure they would love to hear from you for all of the problems that your apartment complex has.’”

“Love her,” Firment concludes. “She’s a queen.”

In the comments section, viewers continued to sing the praises of the former property manager.

“Call those numbers!!! Don’t let her go out like this,” wrote a user.

“As a property manager, I FEEL THIS!” exclaimed another. “We try so hard only to be cut down by corporate and we get made to be the bad guys! She’s iconic!!!”

“As a property manager, this happens so much,” echoed a third. “We try so hard to fix things and corporate does NOT care.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Firment via email.

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