Popeyes customer with caption 'Popeyes gave me seasoned grilled chicken and macaroni and cheese' (l) Popeyes restaurant with signs (c) Popeyes customer eating strawberry biscuit hack (r)

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‘My life is changed’: Popeyes customer shares strawberry biscuit hack

“The cashier said, ‘Do you want me to change your life?'”


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TikToker @Jordan_the_stallion8 has gone viral yet again with a delicious tip that will make eating Popeyes’ new strawberry biscuits a “life-changing” experience.

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The content creator says he went to Popeye’s to order two strawberry biscuits, and while there, an employee made a life-altering recommendation.

“So I went over, and I said, ‘I’d like two strawberry biscuits, please,’” Jordan told his viewers. “And the cashier said, ‘Do you want me to change your life?’”

The content creator embraced the change.

“For some reason, I just decided, ‘You know what? I trust this person with my life,’” he said. “So I said, ‘Yes, go ahead and change my life.’”

The TikToker then explained that he was given seasoned grilled chicken and macaroni and cheese and told to combine the ingredients into a sandwich.

“Let’s try this,” he said with the sandwich in hand.

After taking a bite of the biscuit, his eyes rolled back into his head in delight.

“My life is changed,” he exclaimed. “That’s good, oh my.”

In the comments section, many viewers were grateful for the delicious food review and recommendation.

“**video saved** I don’t eat Popeyes but I’m willing to try this,” one commenter wrote.

“Know where I’m goin for lunch tomorrow!” a second said.

“Am I the only one who didn’t know they sold grilled chicken?” another questioned.

Others likened his food discovery to a “Matrix moment.”

“Bro enter the matrix ordering a biscuit,” one viewer joked.

“Sounds like you had a red pill or blue pill moment and chose correctly!!!” another said.

Jordan is well known for his informational videos, which have earned him over 9,700,000 followers. Recently, he shared a bread hack on TikTok that made waves. His content covers everything from the exorbitant cost of living alone to losing a job because of spiderssecret codes for getting the best Netflix recommendations, how to properly use air fresheners, get rid of stains on plastic containers, and how to prepay a specific amount for gas without going into the gas station, among many other topics.

The Daily Dot contacted Jordan and Popeyes via email for further information.

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