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‘This happened to me last month too’: Passenger says Uber changed total from $28 to $73 after her trip was completed

‘Keep a close eye on those credit card statements.’


Adrienne Hunter


A Toronto-based Uber passenger posted a TikTok showing that her ride total increased from $28.05 to $73.43 without explanation after the ride ended. 

The passenger, Kate (@carewithkate), posted the video on May 25. It has amassed over 7,400 views as of May 26. 

@carewithkate Keep a close eye on those credit card statements 👀 #uber #pricechange ♬ original sound – Care with Kate

“What is wrong with Uber?” Kate asked in the video. “I took a trip three days ago, and they randomly changed the total from $28 to 73.”

The TikToker showed an email update from Uber about the price change as she spoke.

“And $28 was the perfect amount,” she continued. “I wasn’t going far, so there’s no reason why they updated it. No explanation.” 

“Keep a close eye on those credit card statements,” she added in the video’s caption. 

In the comments section, viewers shared advice and their own similar experiences.

“This happened to me last month too! Went from $20 to over $60,” one commenter wrote.

“You can complain to customer service and they will adjust,” a second said.

“They did that to me once and I fought it and they changed it!” a third added. 

“That amount is a lot too,” another remarked. “Happened to me once and they tried to say I got paint on someone’s seat like what? Cleaning fee. Got refunded.”

While Uber did not respond to a request for comment via email, the company’s website states that “adjustments are made for a variety of reasons.”

The website also states that these adjustments can be reviewed. “If you received an updated receipt and would like more information about the update, please let us know by entering the date below. We’ll review your trip and get back to you.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Kate via email for further information. 

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