Oreo McFlurry Hashbrowns sandwich McDonald's hack

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‘Definitely worth the hype’: McDonald’s customer tries viral Oreo McFlurry Hashbrown sandwich. Here’s how to order it


Melody Heald


A new set of viral videos from a range of content creators is merging two very different McDonald’s items — an Oreo McFlurry and Hash Browns — into one unexpected sandwich.

The first viral TikTok chronicling this concoction comes from original creator @arvanfamily, a family account.

In the video, posted May 21 and drawing more than 5.1 million views since getting it up, a woman representing the family sits in her car, spreading the McFlurry ice cream on one of the hash browns. Next, she places the second hash brown on top, making a sandwich. As she relays, the night before, she had a craving for the hash brown sandwich. Then, she takes a bite, satisfied. In her opinion, the hash brown sandwich is better than the original ice cream sandwich. “So much better. Salty, crunchy. Potato is sweet,” she says.

The Daily Dot reached out to @arvanfamily via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

The comments section of their video inspired people to post their own favorite odd food pairings.

“Peanut butter and jelly sandwich dipping it applesauce that was my favorite in 7th and 8th grade,” one viewer said.

“Grilled cheese and syrup!” a second commented.

“One of my pregnancy cravings were regular beef jerky with hot Cheetos!” a third shared.

In addition, multiple people pledged they’d be going to McDonald’s to try it.

More recently, other TikTokers have shown their own takes on the treat.

Tasmin Dhaliwal (@tasmindhaliwal)’s video, released Friday and getting more than 328,600 views since going up, comes from the inside of a car. There, she unveils the two hashbrowns and Oreo McFlurry she purchased. Step by step, she reveals how to make the viral snack. She starts by taking out her hash brown from the bag, smears the McFlurry all over it, and tops it off with the other hash brown. Once the sandwich is complete, she bites into it, savoring the flavor. In addition, she takes bites from her McFlurry throughout the video.


“I have never wanted to try anything more in my life,” @foodiesushiqueen began her video, released Sunday with more than 1.4 million views since she posted it. She gives some background behind the original video while taking out the hash browns. Then, she got a scoop of the McFlurry and places it on one of the hashbrowns. Afterward, she puts the other hashbrown on and takes a bite. Throughout the video, she bites into the sandwich, polishing it off. She wrapped up the video by eating a cookie and the McFlurry.

In that video’s comments, one revealed, “I dip my fries in my McFlurry so I get it.”

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