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‘Sir, are you being helped?’: Jobseeker says his Olive Garden job interview went ‘horribly wrong’

'After 45 minutes I'm leaving. Respect works both ways.'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 13, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:41 pm CST

A man claims that his Olive Garden interview went “horribly wrong,” as he was made to wait three hours and then didn’t feel his candidacy was taken seriously once he did get to speak to someone.

The video comes from a creator with the nonsensical name of DNIM RUOY EERF (@thebbldeluxe), getting more than 62,000 views since his documentation was put up on TikTok on Feb. 2.

In it, the creator starts with the clip of a worker he says is the manager asking, “Sir, are you being helped?” He then shifts to a view from his car outside of the restaurant to begin his complaint.

“No, I was not being helped,” he reports. “I went on an interview at Olive Garden, and this is how it f*cking went: It went horrible. They sat me in a room and said, ‘We’ll be with you shortly.’ I was in that b*tch for three hours before somebody even spoke to me.”

He then reports that once he talked to the manager in question, “She never really asked me anything. She just had a piece of paper out like she was writing stuff down and be like, ‘We’re gonna call you.’ How the f*ck are you gonna call me? You didn’t even get my phone number. Y’all didn’t even know I had an interview.”

The creator maintains that he got texts and emails confirming the interview at the store, but people at the store appeared oblivious to the knowledge. He adds, “Everybody in the restaurant walked past me except for this one lady. She was nice.”

He also contends that his act of recording in the restaurant is the only reason he eventually got attention.

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Commenters were incensed on his behalf.

“3 hours??” one asked, “I would’ve left after 20 minutes.”

Another reasoned, “After 45 minutes I’m leaving. Respect works both ways.”

“Waited 3 hours… they are not worth YOUR time bruh,” someone else related. “Everywhere is hiring rn.”

Another declared, “You waited three hours? I would’ve immediately hired you for your patience, diligence and commitment.”

But someone else contended he got lucky, saying, “Trust me. You dodged a bullet. You do NOT want to work at OG. It’s one of the worse exp I’ve had.”

“They should [have at] least gave you some free breadsticks,” someone offered.

Another, in the same vein, wondered, “Did they ask if you wanted a soda or something?”

The creator responded, “One nice girl asked if wanted water. I’m gonna go back one day and leave her a nice tip.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok direct message and to Olive Garden via email.

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2024, 1:00 pm CST