Olive Garden customer shows trick to ordering gift box full of bread sticks

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‘Worth it’: Olive Garden customer shows trick to ordering gift box full of breadsticks

‘There’s nothing stopping me from eating the entire thing.’


Grace Fowler


An Olive Garden customer posted a viral video sharing a hack he uses to order a “gift box” full of breadsticks. 

The TikToker, MrGentlemans Vault (@mrgentlemans_vault), has reached over 453,000 views and 11,000 likes on his video as of this writing. He added an on-screen caption to his video saying, “Olive Garden is going to kill me.” 

To start his video, MrGentlemans Vault shows his Olive Garden to-go meal, which seems to be two large dipping sauces with a cardboard box underneath.  

“So apparently, if you order two large alfredos,” he says as he moves the dipping sauces off the cardboard box, “they just send you … a gift box full of breadsticks.” 

MrGentlemans Vault opens the box and records the inside, showing that it is filled to the brim with breadsticks. 

“This is so unhealthy, but there’s nothing stopping me from eating the entire thing,” he says before ending his video. He also added a caption telling viewers, “Someone please come and stop me from eating all of these…”

@mrgentlemans_vault Someone please come and stop me from eating all of these…😈 #food #comedy #foryou #italian #foodporn ♬ original sound – MrGentlemans Vault

A viewer in the comments section told MrGentlemans Vault, “I think 8 sticks come with 1 large alfredo. Freeze the leftovers!”

Olive Garden states that a Large dipping sauce is “served with 8 Breadsticks” and serves four people. A Regular dipping sauce comes with “4 Breadsticks” and serves two people. The three sauce choices are “Freshly prepared marinara, homemade alfredo or five cheese marinara.”

MrGentlemans Vault ordered two large sides of alfredo dipping sauce, meaning the “gift box” of breadsticks he received would have 16 breadsticks in total.

“That box of sticks is worth it,” another viewer said in the comments section. 

In recent headlines, a dad shared how he feeds his family of six at Olive Garden for $20. His first hack was also to get an “8 ounce of the Alfredo sauce with the eight breadsticks.” He adds that he ordered two alfredo sauces, and in total, “the sauce and breadsticks were $14.05.”

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from MrGentlemans Vault via TikTok comment and direct message, as well as to Olive Garden via email. 

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