Shopper shares items he no longer buys at Costco due to inflation

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‘We ain’t paying for savings anymore’: Shopper shares items he no longer buys at Costco due to inflation

‘5% inflation? Try 50-100%,’


Melody Heald


Inflation has slowed over the years and it’s now currently sitting at 3%. On the other hand, the price of goods keeps rising, climbing to 0.2%. This has led consumers to shop differently. Now, a Costco shopper went viral once again after he revealed the items he doesn’t buy anymore because of inflation.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @sidemoneytom. He took his 80,000 followers on a journey through Costco, sharing the items he no longer purchases after comparing prices.

First, was the Idaho Spuds. According to the content creator, he “loved buying” the potatoes when they were “$5.49.” He revealed the new price for this item— $8.99. Next, was the Organic Madras Lentils. At first, he claimed they were priced at $6.99. Now, they’re a whopping $15.99.

The content creator then compared engine oil prices, saying he used to buy a container for $30 and that now the price has risen to $43.49. However, “you can still get five quarts at Walmart for 27 regular price and 23 on rollback,” he said.

Up to bat was organic olive oil which was $8.49 for a liter and $16.99 for an entire pack. Despite it being the same price at Trader Joe’s, Winco, and Safeway, @sidemoneytom said he preferred buying it at those places because of “better quality oil.”

“Ever since the pandemic, the price has gone up and just hasn’t gone down,” he explained when comparing butter prices. The tortilla chips were next. @sidemoneytom said he used to “love” buying them at $2.79. The price now rose to $5.69. Lastly was the white bread, which was $3 to $4 per loaf. However, the content creator wrapped up the video on a positive note with the $4.99 rotisserie chicken, claiming that would “always be a good deal.”

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The video racked up over 77,000 views within a day, where viewers weren’t the only ones who made this observation about Costco.

“Yeah..Costco is going downhill. Had no idea the oil went up that much. It was $8-$9. Idk why I just renewed my membership,” one viewer wrote.

“It make no sense.. we ain’t paying for savings anymore,” a second commented.

“I have shopped at Costco twice this whole year so far. Last year you’d catch me in there every month,” a third stated.

“I stopped all the membership stores when the inflation hit. Not worth it anymore,” a fourth echoed.

Update 12:43pm CT, July 27: @sidemoneytom told the Daily Dot the Costco he shops at is in Bend, Oregon. He said he noticed the price change over the course of two years but really saw the prices escalate in winter and spring.

“Used to shop there all the time and often bought miscellaneous items they would have on special to try because they seemed like a good deal,” he said. “These days we only go there to buy a few items that still seem affordable in bulk. (Eggs, cheese, etc).”

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