Burlington manager tries to force customer to leave without the items they paid for. It backfires

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‘Look what you did’: Burlington manager tries to force customer to leave without the items they paid for. It backfires

'The karma at the end was priceless!'


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Posted on May 4, 2024   Updated on May 4, 2024, 5:37 am CDT

A Burlington store manager’s attempt to get a customer to leave their store spectacularly backfired in a viral TikTok video that has sparked outrage and calls for the manager to be fired. The video, posted by @trafficcopsuk01, a TikTok account known for reposting a wide variety of viral content, begins mid-argument and it is unclear what led to the confrontation.

The shopper, who had allegedly already paid for some of their items, started filming as the store manager called for them to leave the store without their purchases. He accused the manager of trying to steal the already-paid-for merchandise, to which the manager responded with a curt, “You can leave.”

As the argument escalated, the shopper started levying several accusations against the manager. He said, “You’re going viral. You’re mistreating your colleague, you’re mistreating the customers, you are being rude, you are being impolite. You’re taking merchandise that was already paid.”

“Take your merchandise that was paid and you guys can leave,” the manager retorted, before threatening to call the police.

Things escalated as the manager threatened to call the police, but the shopper insisted on staying put, to which the store manager responded, “If [this] goes viral, I’m suing.”

However, the shopper did eventually head for the exit, but not before one last confrontation with the manager. Both parties once again retreaded old ground, blaming each other for the incident.

“Go ahead and leave, you antagonizer. You’re just trying to antagonize the situation by videotaping. Leave my store,” the manager added.

Finally, in an act of frustration, the manager slammed the store doors shut, inadvertently shattering the glass in the process.

“Look at you, man. You’re going famous. Look what you did,” the customer remarked as he exited the store.

The viral Burlington TikTok video: Here’s what we know so far

The video was posted on April 27 and has more than 2 million views and nearly 9,000 comments.

“That manager needs to get fired immediately,” someone wrote.

A second added, “The karma at the end was priceless!”

“Call corporate. What store is this?” a third wrote.

Burlington’s recently been embroiled in controversy on TikTok. In another viral video on the video-sharing platform, a worker left the store after complaining about being the only employee tasked with working at the registers during busy hours.


Store managers are always power tripping😮‍💨

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The Daily Dot has reached out to @trafficcopsuk01 via TikTok comment and to Burlington press email for comment.

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*First Published: May 4, 2024, 10:00 am CDT