Woman goes to Major League Baseball game. She’s told her clear bag can’t come in

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‘I don’t understand’: Woman goes to Major League Baseball game. She’s told her clear bag can’t come in

‘Every stadium is different which makes it confusing.’


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A Major League Baseball fan was shocked to discover guests could not take clear totes into a game.

In a viral video that has over 1.6 million views, user Julia Soltysiak (@jsoltysi) issued a PSA about bringing clear bags to The Brave’s Truist ballpark.

“It definitely does not appear that you can bring clear bags into the park because look at all the ones they collected,” the woman explained.

As she spoke, she showed viewers a pile of clear bags near the entrance to the baseball field, which she dubbed a “clear bag graveyard” in the text overlaid on the video.

“Let me look,” the woman continued as she scanned each clear bag discarded by the entrance.

There were bags with various logos that appeared to be left behind by baseball fans who wanted to enter the stadium.

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“I was trying to help that woman who lost hers,” she continued while recording a woman walking away. “But anyways, good bag selection.”

Ultimately, she warned baseball fans not to risk bringing their bags to the stadium.

“If you’re wondering, if you bring a bag, they usually just end up right there,” she said.

Viewers weigh in

In the comments section, many expressed frustrations over baseball park bag policies.

“Every stadium is different which makes it confusing,” user Heretostitch wrote.

“I don’t understand. If it’s a clear bag why does the size matter?” Tara Batley commented. “We definitely don’t have that policy here. As long as it’s clear it doesn’t matter, just no backpacks.”

Others offered up workarounds for getting bags into baseball parks.

“I carry all of the stuff in my hands and I put a drawstring bag in my pocket,” user Markus2119 said. “When I get inside I put everything in the bag. Works every time.”

“I learned if you had medicine in it,” one user said, “it now becomes a medical bag and you can bring it in. When I brought one slightly oversized but had medicine.”

For security reasons, every baseball park has different bag rules and policies. So baseball fans need to check in on the rules at stadiums where they will be attending games before showing up. For example, at the Mariner’s T-Mobile Park, clear plastic or vinyl bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” are allowed.

However, some stadiums do not allow any larger bags to enter the stadium at all. The Truist Park is among those that restrict all large bags. It makes exceptions for medical bags, breast pump bags, and diaper bags (with an accompanying child).

Small clutch bags no larger than 4.5” x 6.5” are universally accepted.

The Daily Dot reached out to Julia Soltysiak and the MLB via email for comment.

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