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‘Is she calling me an ugly disease?’: Blind item creator shares unusual DM she received from Nicki Minaj at 6am

'Not you on Nicki Minajs mind at 6am?!?!?'


Nina Hernandez


Posted on Jan 24, 2024   Updated on Jan 25, 2024, 3:28 pm CST

In a viral video, a TikTok user who spills celebrity tea asks her followers to decipher an unusual direct message she allegedly received from rap star Nicki Minaj at 6am. Viewers have all sorts of theories about what this riddle might mean.

TikTok user CelebriTEA Blinds (@celebriteablinds) regularly posts videos about “Celebrity Blind Items,” which she explains in a pinned video are allegations made about celebrities that supposedly come from individuals connected to the person. 

In a video posted on Jan. 24, CelebriTEA Blinds appears in front of a screenshot of what appears to be a direct message from the rapper Nicki Minaj. The text overlay reads, “Decipher This Nicki Minaj DM.” The DM in question, which is time stamped 6:01am, reads, “once ugly disease allegedly is being paid to get uglier.”

“OK, I need help deciphering this DM that I got from Nicki Minaj at 6:01 a.m. yesterday,” CelebriTEA Blinds says. “What does this mean? Is she calling me an ‘ugly disease’? Is she sending me a blind item? I think it’s funny that she’s using the word allegedly, since that’s what I use in all of my videos. But, what?”

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In less than a day, the video has amassed more than 453,000 views. In the comments, users offered their theories about what the message could mean. Some users are convinced the DM is an insult, and others are sure the message is itself a blind item.

One user wrote, “She’s basically saying ‘I look like yes and you look like no.’” 

Another user said, “She said decipher this since you got your degree girl nicki plays too much.”

However, one user said, “I think she’s prob referencing a blind item & giving you more tea if you can decipher who.” CelebriTEA Blinds isn’t so sure. “But I read blind items about her so I find it hard to believe she’d be submitting a blind item to me about someone else,” she said.

In a Jan. 15 video, CelebriTEA Blinds read a blind item that makes accusations about a “foreign born former A+ list rapper” that “needs rehab before she tries to do a tour.” The creator says, “and again this is allegedly Nicki Minaj.”

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One user suggested, “Girl post this on Twitter. The barbs on there will decipher it in a jiffy.”

Another couldn’t get past the time stamp. They wrote, “Not you on Nicki Minajs mind at 6am?!?!?”

Hours later, Minaj commented on the post. “Allegedly they are sucking someone’s d*ck & being paid to try to tear down a tour. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. Allegedly you have a disease?” CelebriTEA Blinds responded, “Who’s being paid??”

In a follow-up video, CelebriTEA Blinds says she is also confused by this response and denies being paid for the content.

“What does this mean? And who is being paid? Because it’s certainly not me,” CelebriTEA Blinds says.

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Minaj is currently promoting her recent album Pink Friday 2 and its corresponding tour, which is scheduled to kick off in Oakland on March 3. As she promoted the album, the rapper opened up to People magazine about her struggle “experiencing addition” after being prescribed Percocet for menstrual cramps. In 2022, she revealed her sobriety and said she is “loving life.”

Update 7:20am CT, Jan. 25: In an interview with the Daily Dot, CelebriTEA Blinds said she has not heard from Minaj’s representatives.

“Initially I thought the direct message about an ‘ugly disease’ might not even be about me and maybe it was some kind of code talking about someone lse but she confirmed in a deleted comment (screenshot attached) that she was in fact calling me ugly, allegedly. Haha,” she wrote. “And it appears that she thinks I am being paid to destroy her ‘sold out’ tour, which I can confirm that I am absolutely not.”

Update 3:37pm CT, Jan. 25: In a follow-up, CelebriTEA posted a screenshot of a comment she received from Minaj. Minaj said, “Allegedly GLOOM & DOOM awaits you & the person you say you love. Allegedly. I’m doing an interview to discuss in 3 days.”

“Should I tell your little ‘married man’ secret? … Well in 3 days you’ll see in the interview I do. ugh! His wife deserves this?!?!! Nooooooooo,” another comment from Minaj read.

Those are just a few of the many comments Minaj has left on CelebriTEA’s page.

Minaj also seems to be promoting her tour and touting how much it is grossing via several comments CelebriTEA’s page. Minaj also insinuated CelebriTEA is being paid to say “negative things” about the tour and claimed there are “executives funding” CelebriTEA. “There are no executives funding me,” CelebriTEA says.

“What do we make of all of this?” an unfazed CelebriTEA asks. “And what is she going to say in this interview in three days? I’m really curious. I have no idea what she is talking about, and again, I am not being paid to post blind items about Nicki Minaj. At this point, TikTok is barely paying me.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Minaj via a representative.

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*First Published: Jan 24, 2024, 8:00 pm CST