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‘Brother why don’t you get like a Toyota or Honda?’: Man warns never sell to your friend after BMW horror story

‘Fastest way to [lose] a friend sell them a car or lend them money.’


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Buying a used car can be a stressful experience. From buying the wrong kind of vehicle, to buying a car at the wrong time, to falling for tricks a dealer may pull to get you to sign on the line, there’s a lot that can go wrong when purchasing a car.

That’s why some may feel that they’d be safer buying from a friend or family member. However, this doesn’t always work out, especially for the salesperson. Now, a TikToker has sparked discussion after detailing an incident that reminded him why one should never sell a car to someone close to you.

Why you don’t sell to friends and family

In a video with over 462,000 views, TikTok user Robb (@robbthecarguy), who is a used car salesman, says his friend Kevin approached him about buying a used BMW. According to Robb, Kevin had around $20,000 to spend.

“‘Why don’t you get, like, a Toyota or Honda, man? You know, you got $20,000. I can get you a nice Toyota,’” Robb recalls telling Kevin. Despite this, Kevin insisted on wanting a BMW, Robb says.

Hearing this, Robb says he decided to find Kevin two BMW vehicles that matched his desires, one with 60,000 miles and another with 90,000 miles. Kevin opted for the latter as he preferred the interior, Robb recalls.

Robb says he did his best to give his friend the white-glove treatment, selling it to him for $500 over cost and even delivering the car personally. Regardless, Robb says he found that issues with Kevin began immediately.

For example, Robb says that Kevin, instead of taking the car to a BMW dealership, opted for unreliable “side of the road” mechanics, whom Robb insists overcharged Kevin for basic issues. For instance, Robb claims that they charged him $700 for a sensor and battery, when the sensor itself was only $90.

In another case, Robb says that Kevin took his car to “his uncle who’s not a mechanic, who’s a nobody” to resolve a separate issue. The uncle brought Kevin to a mechanic, who proceeded to charge him $600 for “a low battery voltage and some kind of air sensor” problem.

“He overpaid by a mile, but that’s not my business,” Robb states.

All these charges occurred, despite the fact that Robb had sold Kevin, and repeatedly sent him information about, a good warranty on the car, which offered “bumper to bumper” coverage. When Kevin countered that the warranty was not working as intended, Robb says he again pointed to the mechanic issue.

“You’re taking it to some janky a** side-of-the-road BMW mechanic. Of course, he doesn’t take warranty,” Robb explains. “He doesn’t want to go through the work of filing the claim, getting paid later. No, take it to BMW.”

Citing this and other problems with the sale, Robb claims that the situation resulted in a broken friendship.

“This is why you can’t deal with family and friends,” he concludes. “I continue to say, ‘Don’t sell cars to family and friends,’ and I continue to do it, and every time I get bit in the [expletive].”

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Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments section of Robb’s video, many users agreed with his assessment.

“Fastest way to loose a friend sell them a car or lend them money,” declared a user.

“Worked in the car business for a long time. Anytime a family member or friend wanted a car I turned it to another co worker and took half deal instead,” offered another.

“Gotta pay to play,” declared a third. “A 90k BMW is a liability.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Robb via email.

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