Man says all his personal information was leaked in a cyber attack—and it may affect you too

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‘This is so scary’: Man says all his personal information was leaked in a cyberattack—it may affect you too



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A TikToker from Kansas posted a PSA saying his personal information was leaked in a cyberattack. He warns that this is happening nationwide. Tristan Galindo (@tristangalindo) has gained over 412,000 views and 107,000 likes on his viral video by Saturday.

To start his video, Galindo explained to viewers that Kansas has recently been hit with a cyberattack. 

According to the Wichita Eagle, “police and traffic records were compromised in the ransomware attack on city government.” 

The attack gave hackers “access to an unspecified number of people’s personal information, including names, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses and other state IDs, and payment card information,” the site continues. “The Eagle reported last week that LockBit, a Russian cybercriminal group, had claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened to dump personal data from the city site on the dark web.”

Galindo says he received a letter from the City of Topeka letting him know that the following information of his was taken during the cyberattack. He says they have access to his “phone, name, social security number, date of birth, address from the last 5 years, proof of utility bill, phone bill, social security card, pay check stubs, 4 years of tax information, ID, and birth certificate.” 

He jokes, “The only thing you didn’t release to these [expletive] people is that I took a [expletive] about about 30 minutes ago.” 

“How am I supposed to feel protected?” he asks. “Let me know when you are ready to create a new identity for mwa.”

These cyberattacks aren’t just happening in Kansas

Galindo says that these cyber attacks are happening all over the U.S. He then explains that the cyber attack has prevented him from paying his bills because “they have all of it locked down.”

“The police officers can’t even get in to see anything,” he laughs. 

According to Galindo, Kansas is paying the attacker to “try and get them to release them.”

Before ending his video he adds, “They should be better by Wednesday.”

The top comment under Galindo’s video asked, “SO WHAT DO YOU DO NOW ???”

@tristiangalindo What tf is going on!!! #cyberattack #ks ♬ original sound – Tristian Galindo

Wichita is offering free bus rides “until further notice,” as well as “pausing water shutoffs due to non-payment while the online payment system remains inaccessible,” states. 

If your data has been compromised, the city has released a number of free resources available to “residents who want to keep tabs on personal information and monitor any suspicious activity on their accounts,” the site continues. Under federal law, consumers can also place an “initial or extended “fraud alert” on a credit file at no cost.”

Consumers also have the right to “place a ‘credit freeze’ on their report at no cost, prohibiting a credit bureau from releasing information in the credit report without the consumer’s express permission,” they continue.

Galindo is a known TikTok talking head. He recently claimed that a conspiracy theorist who predicted Diddy’s downfall and Quiet on Set, has tragically disappeared. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Tristan Galindo via email. 

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