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abstract art of a computer surrounded by encryption force fields The rise of crowdsourced ransomware
Beware of ransomware.
broken pc with Chinese and Russian flag overlays China and Russia use data breaches to unmask U.S. spies, officials say
U.S. data breaches are helping foreign spies identify who's who.
U.S. government releases plan to protect the power grid from cyberattacks
Experts say hackers could wage a devastating attack on the U.S. power grid.
glitched art of the ashley madison logo Ashley Madison CEO knew of potential security flaws, leaked emails reveal
Security flaws were evidently reported around the time of the hack.
corrupted image of a computer Can the government prevent another Ashley Madison if it can't protect its own data?
The Obama administration needs to get its house before it tells companies what to do.
ashley madison After Ashley Madison leak, law firms prepare for class-action lawsuits
It's time to put down your pitchforks and pick up your lawsuits.