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dripping faucet with green and blue background Leak site Cryptome accidentally leaks its own visitor IP addresses
It comes shortly after some of the site’s encryption keys were compromised.
CISA champion Rep. Jim Langevin explains why critics of the cyber data-sharing bill are wrong
Langevin says Americans' personal information will be 'stripped out.'
illustration of a chinese flag shaped like a stock graph China arrests hackers at the request of the U.S. government
But details are in short supply.
imgur: the simple image sharer Hillary Clinton's email server was vulnerable for years, IT firm says
The FBI reportedly told the company this year not to encrypt Clinton's emails.
Linkedin logo with Iranian flag Iranian 'threat group' reportedly behind ring of fake LinkedIn profiles
The purported hackers behind these attacks don't actually need a job, it turns out.
'Dozens' of terror suspects used encryption to beat FBI, director says
The push against encryption continues.