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People on laptops Unlike other Americans, millennials value speed over security online
What does this mean for the future of Internet security?
Clinton's face on an email envelope flying through cyberspace Hillary Clinton's private email system violated State Department rules
The State Department's inspector general faulted several previous secretaries, too.
An illustration of a clunky-ass desktop computer with the U.S. seal GAO report reveals Pentagon's use of floppy disks to control U.S. nuclear weapons
That's not the government's only IT embarrassment.
FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny talking encryption FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny: Mandating encryption backdoors 'is a terrible idea'
Terrell McSweeny said that encryption would soon become even more vital as smart devices proliferated.
 an illustration of a computer screen with the House of Representatives logo on it Reps. Will Hurd and Ted Lieu tell their colleagues to up their cybersecurity game
Wouldn't we all feel more comfortable knowing our representative used WhatsApp?
illustration with Tim Cook's face on one side, Modi's face on the other, and an iPhone in the middle Apple's Tim Cook and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently discussed encryption
Modi apparently urged Cook to accept limits on encryption by saying it would help stop cybercrime.