He predicted Diddy, 'Quiet on Set,' and more. But after this 'Simpsons' clip resurfaced, no one can find him

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‘Everything this man has said so far has happened’: He predicted Diddy, ‘Quiet on Set,’ and more. But after this ‘Simpsons’ clip resurfaced, no one can find him

'I think they scared him into submission.'


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Posted on Apr 4, 2024   Updated on Apr 4, 2024, 11:20 am CDT

One TikToker believes a well-known influencer and conspiracy theorist has disappeared, and the internet wants answers.

In a viral video that has amassed over 3.9 million views and more than 320,000 likes, TikToker Tristian Galindo (@tristiangalindo) reminded his viewers about the popular influencer and raised concerns over his mysterious disappearance.

“I wanna see if anyone else remembers this,” the TikToker began in the clip. “When COVID started here in the U.S., there was this guy who had millions of followers throughout all of his platforms, and he deleted all of his other platforms except for TikTok, and he made a series of videos.”

In the videos, the conspiracy theorist allegedly apologized to his fans and told them to be prepared for what was to come between the time the pandemic began and 2026. Tristian said he stumbled on the videos while he had COVID-19 and was sick for a month and a half. He said he was able to watch all of the man’s videos during that time and estimated there were between 70 to 80 in total.

“And then he was gone,” Tristian said.

He continued to claim that in one of the man’s final videos, the influencer was sobbing and saying he and his wife were going to disappear along with their three kids. The man also reportedly vowed to return in 2029 and reveal who was responsible for giving him all of the information that he shared with his viewers.

“He would refer to these people as ‘uppers,'” Tristian said.

These “uppers” allegedly helped the man become popular online and then instructed him to post content for a few months across multiple platforms, but eventually delete them all except for the most popular one. In the videos the man would post, he made multiple predictions that Tristian believes eventually panned out.

“I kid you not, everything this man has said so far has happened,” Tristian said.

The one problem, Tristian said, is that the original videos are nowhere to be found online.

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In the comments section, multiple viewers shared the man they believed was behind the original content.

“Moe Othman!!!!!” user Kiki wrote. “I saved one of his videos!”!

“Omg yesss , Moe Othman , he use to make so many videos on what was gonna happen & they literally came true but he ended up stopping & making regular content,” one viewer wrote. “I think they scared him into submission.”

Moe Othman’s TikTok bio indicates that he provides insightful and funny content.

It read, “Giving a mix of comedy & eye opening realization that you live in a simulation.”

There are no videos that reference “uppers” or outlandish conspiracy theories on his current page.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tristian Galindo via email and Othman by TikTok comment for more information.

Conspiracy theories have been popular on social media, leading to plenty of viral content. After the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, many circulated content that claimed the event was accurately predicated on an episode of The Simpsons. However, it turned out the clips and images that were shared were likely AI-generated.

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*First Published: Apr 4, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT