Expert reveals the 3 most reliable ‘sporty’ cars


‘I put 400K on it and still runs new’: Expert reveals the 3 most reliable ‘sporty’ cars

'Honda never fails, you can’t go wrong with that'


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Posted on Mar 9, 2024   Updated on Mar 9, 2024, 6:25 pm CST

Everyone wants a reliable car, but the trouble is that oftentimes, it feels that auto manufacturers punish people with horrendous designs, and every single beautiful whip will leave you footing exorbitant repair bills for as long as you keep it parked in your driveway.

Thankfully, there are some sporty looking vehicles that are actually pretty reliable, according to a TikToker named Rudy (@rudycars2).

“3 REALLY Reliable ‘Sporty’ Cars,” Rudy writes in a text overlay of his video before narrating in the clip: “Cars that are so reliable it literally makes me mad. The Lexus IS 300 this car is sporty, it’s reliable, it’s luxury, it meets all the requirements,” he says. This pick makes sense: Lexuses are fancy Toyotas, which are notoriously some of the most hard-to-kill mass production vehicles on the market. So if you’ve got some extra cash to drop on a premium car, you could for for a Lexus. But if you don’t care about the “L” logo on your whip, you could just opt for a top-trimmed Toyota.

He continued to wax on about the greatness that is the Lexus IS 300: “I mean come on guys it’s a V6, it’s Lexus, AKA, Toyota, the car looks great, I mean this is gotta be a top three best sedan of all time. Let’s go. Guys put your year, make and model into the comments I’ll tell you if it’s reliable or gar valley.”

Toyota isn’t the only Japanese auto manufacturer that receives high marks for reliability. Hondas are also a beloved fixture in the automotive industry for crafting persistently tough whips that stand the test of time.

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According to Rudy, the Honda Civic Sport is his “personal favorite” vehicle that he calls insanely dependable, which is a claim that is supported by RepairPal’s findings on the vehicle, ranking it third out of 36 for compact cars.

“Next up is the Honda Civic Sport, this is my personal favorite, and it’s by far one of the most reliable vehicles. You could be driving in the year 2024. I mean the engine speaks for itself, Honda does not play around. Very good, very reliable, good gas mileage, good power, come on.”

Unsurprisingly, another Toyota vehicle makes the list, and if you were looking for something that sits a little higher up on the ground or sedans just aren’t your thing and need a whip that can combat the elements better, he recommends a Toyota 4 Runner.

While this next vehicle Rudy suggests isn’t going to win drivers any miles per gallon or fuel efficiency / economy awards, it is lauded for earning above average marks when it comes to reliability meaning that the only high cost associated with this car, for the most part, will be your fuel bill, unlike a “piece of [expletive]” Jeep vehicle, as some car enthusiasts would call them.

“Got a little dark outside but last but not least, a Toyota 4 Runner. These things are tanks and they do not break. This gotta be one of my personal favorites guys, these things are literally tanks, let’s go,” he says at the end of the clip before it ultimately cuts out.

Numerous commenters who replied to Rudy’s video agreed with his choices. Like this one Honda Civic fan who said they had a very good experience with the vehicle. They wrote, “Honda civic. I put 400k miles on it and still runs new. Just change oil, tire rotation and belts.”

Someone else penned, “Just got a 2011 Lexus is350 f-sport I absolutely love it.”

Another person remarked, “I own a 2016 Lexus is 300 f sport AWD best car I have ever owned.”

One TikTok user simply said, “Honda never fails, you can’t go wrong with that.”

A Lexus user doubled down on the build quality of the brand. “Proud Lexus owner here! and I can say that nothing beats the quality build and long term performance of my 2005 ES330!!! Amazing,” they wrote.

There was one commenter who said that Rudy basically recommends any Japanese brand, to which the TikToker responded that this necessarily wasn’t always the case.

The video has amassed 1.5 million views since March 1. The Daily Dot has reached out to Rudy via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Mar 9, 2024, 9:00 pm CST