McDonald’s worker explains how they pack fries during a rush

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‘That’s why I never buy fast food’: McDonald’s worker shares how they pack fries during a rush

‘I used to PACK them like that and my boss got mad at me.’


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While fast food chains like McDonald’s try their best to have a consistent experience across locations, frequent visitors to fast food franchises know that this isn’t always the case.

Preparation of certain items can vary considerably between locations, or even at the same location depending on when you visit. A user on TikTok recently demonstrated this reality in a video with over 1.6 million views.

In a video posted by @mcdonalds_hacks101, who previously went viral after sharing a couple’s wedding order placed at Mcdonald’s, the TikToker and McDonald’s employee shows how he packs fries for customers during rush—and how he packs fries for himself.

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The first fry pack is a single scoop poured into a cardboard sleeve that is slightly pinched at the bottom; this is the serving meant for customers. While the sleeve appears full, the TikToker then pulls out a second sleeve to show how much more a single sleeve can hold if the employee is committed to filling it to the brim.

It takes several scoops to fill this sleeve, with the TikToker stuffing fries down with every scoop to make way for more room for additional fries.

Users in comments were quick to share their thoughts on this discrepancy, with many questioning why some McDonald’s employees can be so stingy with their fry portions.

“That’s why I never buy fast food,” said a commenter.

“When I get a large fry they fill it like 3/4 of the way full,” claimed a second.

“Ive gotten a lrge fry filled half way before,” recalled an additional TikToker. “I was so disappointed.”

However, some alleged McDonald’s employees say that they try to give customers as many fries as possible.

“The first one Is how they teach you how to make them,” wrote one user. “The second was how I always made them, when I worked there.”

“Nah cause I used to PACK them like that and my boss got mad at me,” added another. “Like woman I’m giving them their moneys worth.”

“I almost got written up because I would squeeze to give more fries,” offered a third. McDonald’s really don’t want their money being used.”

We’ve reached out to McDonald’s and @mcdonalds_hacks101 via email.

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