McDonalds customer says crispy McChicken wrap was raw

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‘I think I have salmonella’: McDonald’s customer says meat in Caesar Chicken McWrap was raw

'NOT mc lovin it.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Sep 2, 2023

A user on TikTok is calling out McDonald’s after claiming that the restaurant served them a raw Caesar Chicken McWrap.

In a video with over 864,000 views as of Saturday, Australian TikTok user Maddie (@madds467) says she only noticed how raw the meat was after she started eating it.

“Look, the chicken’s raw,” she says, showing the raw chicken. “I bit it. That’s not even tried to be cooked…I’m going to get salmonella.”

@madds467 NOT mc lovin it #mcdonalds #yuck #rawchicken @McDonald’s @McDonald’s Australia ♬ original sound – Maddie

This isn’t the first time that McDonald’s has been accused of serving raw or undercooked meat. In February, a TikTok user sparked discussion after alleging the restaurant served her an undercooked burger. Then, in June, another TikTok user claimed that McDonald’s gave them a burger that was “completely raw.”

Maddie later followed up her video by saying that she suspects the wrap indeed made her sick.

@madds467 @McDonald’s gave me salmonella 🤮 #rawchicken #salmonella #yuck ♬ original sound – Maddie

“I’m so unwell. I’ve been in bed all day — dizzy, headache, and the rest of it,” she says in her follow-up.

According to, McDonald’s offered Maddie a refund.

“‘McDonald’s takes food safety extremely seriously and follows strict processes to ensure the quality of our food,’ a spokesperson told ‘We can confirm McDonald’s Armadale received a complaint regarding an undercooked chicken wrap on Friday, 14 July. We treat complaints of this nature very seriously and immediately investigated the claim. We believe this is an isolated incident and haven’t received any further complaints. We have apologized to the customer and offered a full refund. We will continue to work with the restaurant on the necessary actions,'” the outlet wrote.

Users were quick to share their thoughts about Maddie’s raw chicken.

“Nahhh they cooked that in the soft serve machine,” a user joked.

“I would not be able to eat chicken for months after that,” added another.

“And people call me dramatic for using my phone flashlight and examining every piece of chicken i eat,” noted a third.

Others encouraged Maddie to pursue legal action.

“No way…That is a lawsuit,” stated a commenter. “Get that bag girl!!”

“$42,000 lawsuit right there,” echoed a second.

Additional users simply shared their restaurant food mishaps.

“My friend had a burger that had a glove in it,” alleged a commenter.

“My brother found a tissue in the middle of his McFlurry,” claimed a further TikToker.

“Happened to me with the crispy chicken sandwich and when I took it in they tried telling me I switched the chicken,” recalled a commenter.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s Australia via email and Maddie via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 2, 2023, 8:20 am CDT