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‘This is a health hazard and shouldn’t be served in a restaurant’: McDonald’s customer calls store after she says she received raw patties in burgers

'People really be thinking if they call and tell them their order is wrong that they’re going to give them a refund right then and there.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 13, 2023

A McDonald’s customer called the store she went to after she allegedly received raw burger patties and very salty fries.

TikTok user @landryvice was filmed while on a phone call with McDonald’s, complaining about her order.

“I got three McDoubles and all three of them, the burgers, are, like, literally raw,” the content creator told the McDonald’s worker over the phone. Then, the camera zoomed in on the half-eaten burger, revealing the meat. “Like, pink and mushy. My fries are, like, you guys completely took the container of salt and just, like, emptied it on it,” she continued.

On speakerphone, the McDonald’s worker’s solution was for the customer to return to the location to remake the food, leaving the TikToker shocked and confused.

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The Daily Dot reached out to @landryvice via TikTok comment and McDonald’s regarding the video. The video racked up over 292,000 views as of Monday, with many viewers rallying behind the McDonald’s employee.

“How you going to get mad, what’s he supposed to do over the phone?” one viewer asked.

“Burgers can have pink in them, they’re beef, it’s just like a steak and idk what you expected him to do for you over the phone,” another echoed.

“Ummm were they supposed to teleport you new food? …. Yeah you have to go there,” a third wrote.

However, there were others who jumped to @landryvice’s defense.

“No how are y’all on the McDonald’s worker side? Because that is under cooked meet and she could sue,” one user said.

“Guys, she expected him to at least acknowledge & apologize like acted like her whole meal wasn’t disgusting. could neverrrr as a manager,” a second noted.

“All these people like what did you want them to do?! Customer service gets your # and email and gives you money for new meals. So you don’t drive back,” a third commented.

Others shared their experiences with allegedly receiving raw meat from McDonald’s.

“This happened to me once. It was so bloody it was running all over the wrapper when I opened it I was in the parking lot and brought it back,” one person shared.

“Bro all 3 of our nugget orders were completely raw yesterday I was so mad,” a second stated.

“I went to a McDonald’s an hour away from where I live and my 2 burgers were raw, red. Corporate sent me a coupon for 1 burger good at the location,” a third wrote.

Later that same day, @landryvice posted an update regarding the McDonald’s order. She first clarified that she didn’t “eat half of the burger,” rather she took one bite and passed it around to her friends for them to taste it so she had the reassurance that it wasn’t just her.

@landryvice burger #mcdonalds #mcdonaldsnightmare #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #raw #salty ♬ original sound – lv

She showed a photo of the burger and fries and zoomed in, describing the texture as “ground beef” you buy at the store, comparing it to simply “opening up a package of it and biting into it.” Then, she pointed to an unknown white piece she claimed had a “fabric consistency” when she removed it.

The creator addressed the comments chastising her for calling to complain when there’s nothing the worker “could’ve done” over the phone.

“It’s the fact that this is a health hazard and shouldn’t be served in a restaurant,” she said.

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2023, 3:02 pm CST