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‘They are so incompetent’: Male Instacart shopper delivers watermelon with ‘12 colors,’ moldy bell peppers

'When I tell you I hate male Instacart shoppers.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Apr 16, 2024   Updated on Apr 16, 2024, 9:03 am CDT

The Daily Dot has documented dozens of times that male shoppers—whether they work for Instacart, Walmart, DoorDash, or some other delivery app—have royally messed up an order or been oblivious at the grocery store.

Many have pointed out that some men use weaponized incompetence (deliberately being bad at a task so someone else will take over and do it for them) to avoid getting out of things, including household chores like grocery shopping, creating an unfair division of labor.

One male shopper claimed that there was no salsa in the entire store, so instead he got the customer marinara sauce. Another told a woman an item was out of stock and sent a picture that literally had the item in it. And several grocery workers have called out these shoppers for expecting them to do their jobs for them.

Unfortunately, the tale of the male Instacart shopper (becoming as infamous as “Florida Man”) continues. This time, the person legitimately got a customer an order full of rotten or defective items.

“Once I see its a male instacart shopper I just know ima be mad,” TikToker Armani (@explorehernature_) said in her video’s caption.

In the viral TikTok, which has more than a million views, Armani showed the disappointing grocery haul her shopper got her.

“When I tell you I hate male Instacart shoppers, they always f*** something up,” she said.

First up, a hunk of peeled watermelon that looks obviously expired. Instead of being a bright pink color, the fruit looks more like a square piece of salmon. “This … is like diluted watermelon. This … is 12 colors,” the customer said.

Next, he got her a salad dressing with no top, so once she opened it, she had no way of safely closing it back up.

Last was a wet bag of bell peppers. Now, you may think the bag was wet because it had just been sprayed with water or something of the sort. No. It was wet because the peppers were rotten and sloshing in their own rotten juice.

“Why would you pick up the peppers that the bag is wet and is molded?” she questioned.

Instacart did reach out to Armani in the comments section, but it’s unclear if or how her issue got resolved.

@explorehernature_ Once I see its a male instacart shopper I just know ima be mad … #instacartfails #maleinstacartshoppers ♬ original sound – Porkchop| content creator

The video has more than 1.1 million views and 3,200 comments, and so many of them were of people recounting their own stories.

“When I had Covid I needed pads and tampons they were the main reasoned I ordered along with a couple drinks…they didn’t want to buy the pads and tampons so they canceled them,” a person shared.

“I had a male shopper who couldn’t find the gluten free bread and asked if whole wheat was ok??? And when I asked him to ask someone where the GF bread was, he said ‘nahh I’ll just cancel that item,'” another added.

“No because why did some dude replace my basil with ARUGULA. … I had to order again because I was making pasta & my next shopper was a girl & she found the basil just fine.. lmao,” a commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Armani for comment via Instagram direct message and to Instacart via email.

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*First Published: Apr 16, 2024, 6:00 pm CDT