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‘Can’t believe they’re not protecting us’: Customer issues PSA after buying ‘expensive’ Louis Vuitton, receiving empty box in mail

'They told us not to file a police report.'


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Posted on Nov 29, 2023   Updated on Nov 29, 2023, 9:11 am CST

A user on TikTok is calling out Louis Vuitton after claiming that a bag they ordered was stolen in delivery.

In a series of two videos, TikTok user Morgan (@morganpcapek) explains the situation, saying that she purchased the bag as a ‘thank you’ for her nanny who had expressed interest in one day owning such a bag.

When the box arrived, Morgan noticed that there were several issues with the box. First, while the perforated piece meant to hold the box together was intact, there were pieces of tape alongside the side of the box, possibly indicating that it had already been opened.

Second, when Morgan actually opened the box, the items were askew and the contents of the box fell out. As she notes in the video, this is not in line with how Louis Vuitton typically presents its products.

Morgan’s worst fears were realized when she opened the smaller box that was supposed to contain the bag—and found nothing.

@morganpcapek If youre considering a Louis Vuitton bag THINK AGAIN. My amazing nanny told me she wanted a @Louis Vuitton bag one day. When the box arrived in the mail, EMPTY, LV said theyd send us a new one or refund in 14 business days. Now theyre saying our claims been denied and were SOL. UPS will not let us look further into the claim since LV is insurer. Louis Vuitton and @UPS both have $$$$ in loss prevention but customers have to take the hit for theft in your departments. Shame on you both. Save your money and get a luxe bag from a brand that protects its customers!!! #stolenpackage #louisvuitton #ups #checkyourpackages ♬ original sound – Morgan Procida

Quickly, Morgan decided to try to resolve the issue with Louis Vuitton, who initially seemed as though they were going to replace the bag. However, after 14 days, she was told that she would not be getting a new bag.

“They told us not to file a police report,” Morgan says. “Then today, they said our claim had been denied.”

@morganpcapek The origin story of why this @Louis Vuitton @UPS theft GRINDS MY GEARS! Im sorry this is long but i dont know how to use tiktok so feel free to ignore! But the quest for justice continues! #stolenpackage #louisvuitton #ups #checkyourpackages ♬ original sound – Morgan Procida

Eventually, Morgan filed a police report and attempted to escalate the issue with Louis Vuitton. She also suspected that some foul play may have been involved, as the labeled weight on the box was less than the weight of the bag alone.

Seeing this, she initially advised users against buying from Louis Vuitton—or at the very least, not getting their orders shipped to them directly.

“Always file the report,” she advises. “Secondly, always video tape yourself opening up the package…or just, like, f*ck it, don’t ever buy anything from Louis Vuitton again.”

@morganpcapek @Louis Vuitton the saga continues! Can we make this a positive outcome for all?! Lets see how the in person team handles this, betting on everyones best here! #louisvuitton #stolenpackage ♬ original sound – Morgan Procida

Thankfully, it appears that the company later resolved the issue, with Morgan posting an update video saying her nanny will, in fact, be receiving her bag.

“Louis Vuitton called me in the afternoon yesterday and they said that they will give Britney a new bag. Yay!” she exclaims. “So I am going with Britney on Friday to pick it up from the store—obviously I’m not mailing anything ever again.”

Morgan goes on to thank all of the people who supported her, as well as Louis Vuitton for managing to resolve the issue, though she encouraged the brand to be more transparent in situations like her’s.

@morganpcapek #louisvuitton ♬ original sound – Morgan Procida

Regardless, Morgan is now content.

“Louis Vuitton, thank you for doing the right thing,” she states. “You now have a customer for life—although again, not rolling in it, but I will circle back if I get a good commission check.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Morgan via TikTok direct message and Louis Vuitton via email.

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*First Published: Nov 29, 2023, 10:00 am CST