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‘Club Dolla Tree’: Dollar Tree customer calls out the music playing in-store. Why’s it so loud?

‘To distract you from all the inventory sitting in the [aisle].’


Braden Bjella


There’s a considerable amount of science that goes into in-store music selections. Designers of store playlists will take everything from tempo to volume into account, carefully designing their tracklists to try to maximize sales.

Some interesting information can be learned from studies of music in stores. For example, classical music is often associated with better sales than pop music, though the effectiveness of classical music may change based on the kind of store playing it. Crucially, one consistent finding is that loud music tended to make customers leave sooner than quiet music.

However, that information didn’t stop one Dollar Tree location from cranking up the volume. In a video posted to TikTok by user Blake (@blhall41) can be seen walking down the aisles of Dollar Tree, in which loud electronic music can be heard.

“Why the f*ck is this music this god d*mn loud?” Blake asks in the video, which currently has over 1.4 million views. Eventually, he gives in, dancing along to the rhythm of the track. In the caption, he dubs the location “Club Dolla Tree.”

The track being played is “Something Kinda Ooooh (Tony Lamezma Mix)” by Girls Aloud.

@blhall41 Club Dolla Tree goddame #fyp #BigBlizzy #funny #untzuntz #untzuntzminsk #dollartree ♬ original sound – Blizzy

Commenters were quick to share their theories as to how or why the music reached such a high volume—with some theories more serious than others.

“Cause ALL Dollar Trees across America runs themselves,” joked a user.

“That extra .25 cents got them hiring a DJ!” laughed another.

“THATS THE NIGHT CREW,” stated a third.

“To distract you from all the inventory sitting in the [aisle],” shared a further TikToker.

This latter commenter is joking about a common issue noted by TikTokers at Dollar Tree locations. One user posted a video observing the problem in May of last year. Another confirmed that the issue continued at their local location in February of this year.

Back on Blake’s video, users suggested that Blake and the staff of the Dollar Tree simply commit to the store’s impromptu club environment.

As one user put it, “D*mn, turn off the lights, POP THE GLOW STICKS, GET THE BUBBLE MACHINE.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Blake via Instagram direct message and Dollar Tree via email.

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