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‘These people don’t even work here, and they’re helping her’: Dollar Tree manager filmed alone in store so messy and overrun that customers have to help

‘She’s the only reason why they are open.’


Braden Bjella


An Austin-area Dollar Tree manager has captured the attention of social media after a user posted a video of her running the entire store by herself.

The video, posted to TikTok by user Felipe (@x_bazan06), shows him talking with the manager, named Maggie, before showing viewers the messy aisles of the Dollar Tree.

According to Felipe, Maggie was tasked with managing the entire store herself, including stocking shelves, checking out customers, cleaning, and more. The situation in the store is apparently so dire that non-Dollar Tree employees assist Maggie, according to the clip.

Felipe’s video currently has over 1.9 million views.

@x_bazan06 This is wrong guys :(. #fyp #austin #dollartreehacks ♬ original sound – Felipe_bazan

The video begins with Felipe introducing viewers to the Dollar Tree location, which he says is situated on Montopolis Drive. Soon, TikTokers catch a glimpse of the manager, Maggie.

“She’s the only person working here,” Felipe claims. “She’s been working here all day.”

Maggie then steps in to provide more information.

“I went [away] for three days. That’s why the store was closed for three days,” she says. “[I’m the] only worker.”

From there, Felipe shows the aisles, which contain garbage and loose product. 

“They left her to stock this whole store by herself,” someone off-camera claims. “No bathroom breaks.”

“She’s not even supposed to be working right now, but she’s the only reason why they are open,” he continues.

Later, stacks of empty boxes and people loading products into freezers.

“These people don’t even work here, and they’re helping her,” Felipe claims.

In the comments section, Felipe claimed that Maggie also stated that Dollar Tree “still owed her a check,” meaning she was allegedly missing payments.

After this video went viral, reviews for this location on Google have been hit with support for Maggie. 


“This dollar tree location needs to just close down until they get appropriately STAFFED!!!!,” a second reviewer said. “Only 1 staff person working is a joke and needs to be reported to osha!”

Commenters on TikTok shared this viewpoint.

“Poor lady can’t stop cus she knows she has bills to pay,” a user claimed. “Someone needs to find her so we can bless her.”

“The people that are telling her to quit need to understand some people NEED that paycheck in order to survive,” another agreed.

Felipe later posted an update video showing the store closed during typical operating hours.

@x_bazan06 Reply to @cootiequeenlintlicker #fyp #BBPlayDate #austin #dollartree ♬ original sound – Felipe_bazan

While some commenters speculated that its closure was a retaliation against Maggie, Google reviewers indicate that the store’s hours are notoriously inconsistent. Regardless, these videos have dissuaded many TikTokers from going to the store.

One user wrote, “That’s crazy. I ain’t never shopping at dollar tree or dollar general ever again.”

Felipe did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment. We’ve reached out to Dollar Tree via its website contact form.

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