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‘I refuse to shop like this’: Grocery store shopper finds laundry detergent chained up to shelves

‘They do this with the razors and no one ever comes to unlock it.’


Jack Alban


Much has been written about the technological advancements many retailers are taking in order to curb shoplifting, but TikToker Soma Jorr (@somajorr) recorded what looks like a very simple method one grocery store has implemented to prevent its customers from pilfering bottles of detergent: a good old fashioned lock and chain.

“What city am I in?” a text overlay in the video reads as Soma records a shelf of detergent bottles that have a thick chain intertwining through their handles as a means of preventing shoppers from trying to steal the products.

A TikTok sound of someone complaining about being in the “ghetto” plays throughout the 8-second clip. Comments from viewers suggest that these strict anti-theft measures are becoming more common in various chains across the country.

One person penned, “I was in DG the other day and an automated message came on saying ‘if you don’t plan on purchasing what’s in your hand I suggest you put it back.’”

Another said, “That is pretty much NATIONWIDE now.”

Since human beings are industrious creatures with a relatively high penchant for problem-solving, one person offered up a solution for still coming up with a way to steal detergent despite the egregious lock and chain. “Lol I’d just pour it into a ziplock baggy and bring it up there,” they wrote.

This was a technique that someone else said they would implement as well: “You dont need to steal the whole bottle just pour liquids in a bag.”

There are numerous media outlets covering what many are calling, including CEOs of major companies, a nationwide “shoplifting epidemic,” but there are some who disagree that the situation is that dire. CNN states that the “numbers don’t back it up,” when it comes to calling this rise in shoplifting a “national crisis,” however, the New York Times and New York Post have reported that a whopping $94.5 billion was lost to retail theft.

In 2023, The Sun also wrote about leadership teams of major U.S. retailers who have lost a cumulative $112 billion to thieves in their stores, which could be what is prompting such staunch security measures at stores like Target, which has been lambasted for locking up “essential” items in its stores and Walmart for putting security tags on grocery items like cuts of meat.

Thaiger writes that the increase in shoplifting could be attributed to the rise of online “classes,” or social media posts that instruct folks on best practices on how to get away with stealing products from stores, along with detailed information on the how the security systems at these chains work.

It’s not difficult to understand why there are so many Americans who feel the need to steal products they need to survive. Inflation has spiked precariously upwards since 2021, with many analysts pointing fingers at the Biden administration for its inability to stabilize the U.S. economy.

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Several folks who responded to Soma’s video said that the anti-theft measures are effectively killing the brick-and-mortar retail experience for them, so they perform the majority of their shopping online now.

As one commenter wrote, “So crazy. They do this with the razors and no one ever comes to unlock it so i order on Amazon now.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Soma via TikTok comment for further information.

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