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‘They’re still out here’: Houston tenant says she’s had no power for 3 days—but landlord is still towing her neighbors

‘No power but have tow trucks ready to make someone’s life more miserable!’


Braden Bjella


While Hurricane Beryl has mostly moved past Houston, Texas, millions in the city still do not have power. 

“Nearly 2 million homes and businesses around Houston lacked electricity Tuesday, down from a peak of over 2.7 million on Monday, according to PowerOutage.us,” the Associated Press reported. 

While local energy companies say they hope to have power returned to most residents as soon as possible, people in Houston are still concerned about how needed functions of the city, such as hospitals, will be able to operate under current conditions.

Even during power outages, some functions of the city continue as normal, as a TikTok user learned during a power outage in Houston in May.

Cars towed during power outage

In a video with over 359,000 views, TikTok user Ashley (@oxoashley_) says that she’s on day three of no power. Despite this, she still observes cars being towed in a nearby parking lot.

“Out of all things—we’ve already got no power and no electricity, but in Houston, they’re worried about cars that don’t belong in the parking lot,” she says. “What is going on?”

“Day 3 no power no electricity in Houston Texas & their still out here towing cars,” she adds in the caption. “Can’t make this uppp.”

Stories of power outages in Texas have previously gone viral for multiple reasons. For example, one user showed how an apartment complex began to worry after their power was out for just 20 seconds. Another internet user sparked discussion after showing how, while much of the city lacked power, a wealthy neighborhood was fully lit.

@oxoashley_ Day 3 no power no electricity in Houston Texas & their still out here towing cars 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 can’t make this uppp #fyp #houston #poweroutage #poweroutagestexas #towinghouston #cantmakethisup #funny #prayforhouston ♬ original sound – Ashley 🤗

Commenters share their tow truck stories

In the comments section, users revealed their experiences with ruthless tow trucks.

“I own a small towing company in Houston. an we understand the situation many are facing. reasons why my drivers haven’t been out working these apt complex. it’s the BIG greedy companies that don’tcare,” said a user.

“Lol mine got towed during the snow storm we had no power and no water. It was under my paid for covered parking spot they made a mistake,” offered another. “I never got my money back.”

“No power but have tow trucks ready to make someone’s life more miserable!” exclaimed a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ashley via Instagram direct message.

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