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‘They put alarms on food now?’: Kroger shopper uses self-checkout. When she gets home, an alarm goes off on her box of crabs

‘Y’all, am I about to go to jail?’


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Lately, many customers have filmed some sections of their local grocery stores putting a variety of security and theft deterrent packaging on merchandise, calling out the retailers for targeting essential items.

The practice has now jumped to high-end grocery items, like crab legs, one customer says.

In a TikTok video that has drawn over 354,000 views on the platform, user Ceirra (@ceirra____) says she went through the self-checkout at her local Kroger grocery store, not realizing that they had a security wire tag that an employee would have to remove.

When she got home and began cooking her crab legs, she had to break the security device to get them out, triggering the loud alarm.

Ceirra took to TikTok to ask viewers if there would be any consequences for breaking the security alarm.

“So I go to Kroger’s to get me some crab legs, right?” she says in the video. “I go through self-checkout not even thinking, walk out, whatever, make it home. This thing was still on my box of crabs, and I just cut it. Y’all, am I about to go to jail? Somebody answer me!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ceirra via Instagram direct message regarding the video, as well as to Kroger via email.


😭😭😭 say something to me if i don’t respond they took me to jail

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Several commenters shared insight into how this type of alarm—a spider alarm—works, with several encouraging her to just take it back to the store with her receipt.

“It’s not a tracker just an alarm to alert assets protection at the store you’re shopping at that someone taking items over $20(in some stores) toss it,” one commenter wrote.

“Former Kroger employee lol just bring your receipt showing you paid and we’ll dispose of the alarm,” another said.

“Take the alarm back to the store with your receipt, you won’t be in trouble,” a further viewer commented.

Others shared that they had similar struggles with security devices that were not removed at the store once they got home.

“I did grocery pickup one time and they left one of these on one of my items and I cut it off… nothing happened,” one claimed.

“I did that at walmart but with the clear security boxes and it was for the new spiderverse movie i didn’t realize it was still on til i was home,” another commented.

“I bought a $3 tank from target and the lady never took off the red magnet,” an additional user wrote. “ofc I lost the receipt so I have NO proof of purchase.”

Several viewers were simply shocked at the security measures taken on such items, a conversation that has flourished online as shoppers have found items locked up at stores like Target and Walmart.

As one commenter asked, “They put alarms on food now?”

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