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‘I’m not leaving till I’m CEO of Kroger’: Woman walks into Kroger and works a 6-hour shift. She’s not an employee

'Not the worker telling on you.'


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Posted on Jan 3, 2024   Updated on Jan 3, 2024, 9:25 am CST

Popular content creator Madison (@ugh_madison) is spending her free time working shifts at different well-known stores, like Walmart and Target.

Madison, who has 146,000 followers, spent an 8-hour shift working for free at Target, and then a 9-hour shift at Walmart. She spends her time at these stores cleaning bathrooms and organizing shelves. To blend in, she often wears an outfit to match the actual employees of these retailers. For example, at Target she wore a red jacket, and at Walmart she wore a blue one.

Madison had not been kicked out of any these stores, and while actual employees presumably raise eyebrows at her presence, they usually leave her be—that is until she tried to work a shift at Kroger.

In a video that led to one viewer calling her “every HR depts worst nightmare,” Madison goes into a Kroger location wearing a dark blue (Kroger’s color) shirt to work a shift for free.

She walks in at 3:30pm and immediately begins unconventionally helping a customer. Since the customer’s coupon was not working, Madison pays for their entire cart. (Talk about excellent customer service.)

Madison proceeds to organize shelves, assist other customers, and put out snacks for her “co-workers” in the break room.

In between tasks, she drinks a Doctor Goodwin soda. “I’m not leaving till I’m CEO of Kroger,” she remarks.

However, a wrench was thrown in her plans when a worker recognizes her, showing Madison a video of herself pretending to work at Target. “Is this you?” the co-worker asks. “This is definitely you.” 

Madison denies that it’s her in the video.

As a result, the worker says she’s going to show her manager the clip.

Madison moves to a different aisle to continue working, but that doesn’t stop the manager from tracking her down.

The manager informs Madison that working at Kroger for free goes against labor laws and kicks Madison out.

“This was my first and last day working for Kroger for free,” Madison, who spent 6 hours working at the grocery store, concludes.

@ugh_madison The employee and manager caught me this time 😭 @OLIPOP #olipoppartner ♬ original sound – ugh madison

The Daily Dot reached out to Madison via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and to Kroger via press email. Madison’s video racked up over 431,000 views.

Viewers couldn’t believe the worker told on Madison. “Not the worker telling on you,” one said.

In the comments section, Madison assured viewers that the worker and manager were both “nice.”

“She was nice!” Madison commented, referring to the worker. “She said she saw that video on Instagram a couple hours ago and she was laughing and the manager was nice!”

Like always, viewers suggested other places they’d like to see Madison work for free, with the no. 1 suggestion being Dollar Tree since “they always need help.”

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2024, 1:00 pm CST