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‘I’ve been cooking Kraft dinner for like 20-plus years’: Woman wonders what’s been going on with Kraft mac and cheese. She’s not alone

‘I thought it was just me.’


Charlotte Colombo


A TikToker has gone viral after noticing her Kraft Dinner has undergone a dramatic change. In the clip, which has amassed 191,200 views as of this writing, @Hdamery1313 showed viewers the congealed, clumpy mess accompanied by the caption, “What’s happening with Kraft?”

“OK, I would love if somebody from KD would actually answer my question here,” she began, honing in on the mush. “What the hell is going on with your noodles?”

“Like, honestly, I’ve been cooking Kraft for like 20-plus years,” she added. “Perfect every time, [but] these last six months, even like almost a year probably, these noodles are just like complete mush when you cook them. Like, I’ve only cooked these things for six minutes, and look at this crap! Like, do better, KD. Do better.” The TikToker didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

What’s behind the change?

From the comments section, it soon became apparent that this TikToker wasn’t the only one to notice this dramatic change. “Wow, I thought it was just me!” one commenter noted. “The cheese tastes weird now too,” another added. A third commenter remarked, “YES! It’s seriously so bad! My kids know I’m the only one in the house that makes perfect KD.. For the past year or so the noodles have been awful, it’s almost like too much starch. No more for us!”

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Over on Reddit, where consumers had a similar issue, another user agreed with the TikTok commenter’s claims about Kraft Dinner’s starch content. “This almost always happens because there’s too much starch (from the noodles) in the water,” they said. “If there’s too little water, that starch will stick to the noodles, even after you drain the pasta, and make the finished product gummy, like you described.”

This isn’t the only change that has befallen this beloved culinary staple. In December 2023, multiple TikTok users called out Kraft for allegedly undergoing “shrinkflation,” a phenomenon in which products shrink in size while the price remains the same.

TikToker Carley (@carley_larley) remarked that she bought a 225-gram box from Walmart, only to get a second box labeled as 200 grams two and a half weeks later. “What the shrinky-dink is going on around here?” she asked. Meanwhile, TikTok user Stephanie (@stephyparker123) exposed how a crate of Kraft Extra Creamy boxes had varying sizes of 175 and 200 grams.

Kraft didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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