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Kid President helps the White House prank the nation

Expecting President Obama? Well, you’ve got Kid President instead!


Michelle Jaworski


The White House has a message for you: You’ve just been pranked.

They tweeted this morning that the President would be posting a special message on YouTube, so many people were expecting to see President Obama when they clicked on the video posted by the White House and the President himself.

What they did see was someone else who could rock that suit just as well.

The video starts by showing the empty White House Press Room with a focus on the podium. But Robbie Novak, the nine-year-old who portrays the pint-sized Head of State, steps up to the podium wearing a smug grin.

Kid President has finally made it to the White House.

“It looks like you were expecting somebody else,” Novak said. “But April Fool’s on all y’all.”

Novak is known for cheering people up with a classic pep talk and breaking out into dance; his entire platform is “Don’t be in a party. Be a party.”

Like the President, Novak has his own Vice President, has his own issues to cover, and even came up with his own March Madness bracket. He previously teamed up with President Obama on YouTube and helped launch the annual White House Easter Egg Roll earlier today.

The Kid President couldn’t help but be a little starstruck over where he was after he wished that everyone had an awesome day and noted that we need to give the world a reason to dance.

“I made it to the White House!” he exclaimed before he stepped down from the podium, making fart noises as he exited. He is nine years old, after all.

The Internet has been taken over by pranks and shenanigans today, with everyone from Google to YouTube going big to fool the gullible, but Kid President’s prank might be the most heartwarming.

Photo via whitehouse/YouTube

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