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‘I remember it being 2.99 on sale’: Key Foods shopper slams Kraft’s Miracle Whip for $13.99 price

‘Maybe it comes with an actual miracle.’


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Although inflation has slowed considerably, the economic impacts of increased prices are still felt today. One area where this is especially true is grocery prices, which are still notably higher than they were in previous years.

Numerous TikTok users’ clips have gone viral after they shared their sticker shock at today’s prices. For example, in July of this year, a TikTok user sparked a discussion after revealing that $100 only bought him a paltry amount of food. Other users have compared this year’s prices to those of previous years— one Target shopper said that the same order from 2021 costs 42% more today, while an Aldi customer did the same experiment with 2020 prices and found an increase of 41%.

Now, an additional user has infuriated TikTokers after claiming that her local Key Food attempted to charge $13.99 for a 30 oz jar of Miracle Whip. The store in question is in Cape Coral, Florida.

@thefrugalsuperstar Thought I was getting some Miracle Whip from Key Foods today. I thought wrong! #inflation #miraclewhip #keyfoods #pricing #fyp #frugalshoppers #groceryshopping #grocerystore ♬ original sound – Linda Souders

“Can somebody tell me when Miracle Whip went up to $13.99?” asks TikTok user Linda Souders (@thefrugalsuperstar) in a video with over 12,000 views as of Sunday morning. “They have got to be losing they d*mn mind.”

Thankfully, this discovery seems like an outlier in Miracle Whip pricing. Walmart currently puts the price of a 30 oz jar of Miracle Whip at $5.76, while Safeway lists a “Member Price” of $7.49, reduced from $10.79. Souders acknowledged in comments that she was able to find the condiment for a lower price at other stores in her area.

Still, many users were quick to lament the high prices that seem ubiquitous on today’s grocery shelves.

“I remember it being 2.99 on sale,” a user recalled.

“Everything so expensive,” another observed. “Cost me $244 this week at Kroger and I live alone.”

“10 lb pag of potatoes is 7.99 now,” a third viewer commented. “5 years ago I paid 2.99 a bag.”

“Corporate greed. Blaming it on covid, theft. But then they report record profits,” declared another TikToker. “This is why people steal. Not the other way around.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Key Food via its website contact form and Souders via Instagram direct message.

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