Finance expert shares KAYAK travel hack for students

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‘Got a 1700$ flight for 500$’: Finance expert shares KAYAK travel hack for students

‘United does student discounts too.’


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An ex-Wall Street worker revealed how students can receive discounts on their flights by using KAYAK.

TikTok user Vivian (@yourrichbff) admits her biggest mistake in college was “paying full price” for flights. “From my spring break trip to Cancun to my European study abroad adventure, I paid regular price for my flights like everyone else,” she tells her 2.5 million followers.

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Not wanting others to miss out on discounted flights, the content creator shares her secret. Vivian explains that students should visit “,” where they can find a number of student travel discounts ranging “anywhere from five and 40 percent off normal flight prices.”

“All you have to do is make sure the traveler information says ‘one student’ instead of ‘one adult’ and type in your flight search like normal,” she explains. She also warns that only students can take advantage of these discounts as the site requires verification to prove applicants are, in fact, students.

“Even though I was so broke in college, traveling was one of my favorite activities so I hope this tip helps you save some money and get to some of those destinations,” she concludes.

@yourrichbff How to travel on a student budget! #college #student #school #university #travel #vacation #flight #plane #studentdiscount #holiday #discount #coupon #bargain #budgeting #money #finance #cost #price ♬ Makeba – Jain

The video amassed 2.7 million views as of publication, and a number of commenters said they wished they had seen the video before booking a recent flight.

“[You] mean to tell me this two days after i booked my ticket,” one wrote.

“I just bought $800 tickets to Guatemala this would’ve been nice a week ago,” a second agreed.

Others shared the additional tip that different airlines offer student discounts as well.

“United does student discounts too,” one user commented.

“I literally just used studentuniverse from kayak and got a 1700$ flight for 500$ to Europe,” a second added.

“Singapore airline does student discount and perks as well!” a third said.

In addition to Vivian, other content creators have shared how to save money on flights. TikTok user @travelsocial suggests using a plugin called Travel Arrow which reveals hidden promotions and discounts. Yet another passenger suggested that travelers purchase tickets at the airport to get a better deal.

The Daily Dot reached out to Vivian via email, Instagram direct message, and TikTok comment for more information.

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