Woman explains how google flights is ripping people off

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‘I love Google Flights but sometimes it doesn’t get me the best deals’: Traveler turns to Chrome plugin, saves $50 on booking

‘you always need to go to the airline’s website and then download a plugin.’


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You might want to rethink your strategy if you’ve been booking exclusively through Google Flights. A TikTok viral video posted by user travelsocial reveals a cost-saving traveling tip.

The video, which racked up over 1.9 million views since it was posted on July 27, starts with an on-screen caption warning those who book directly through Google Flights: “YOU’RE BEING RIPPED OFF BY GOOGLE FLIGHTS IF YOU DO THIS!!!”

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In the clip, the TikToker shares her discovery. “There’s a Google Flights plugin that seems borderline illegal. Look, I love Google Flights, but sometimes it doesn’t give me the best deals,” she says.

travelsocial explains that she initially found a flight on Google Flights. The tool listed Frontier as the cheapest option at $98 and JetBlue ticket priced at $118. After using a plugin called Travel Arrow on the JetBlue website, she found a hidden $50 discount. That made the flight significantly cheaper than anything listed on Google Flights.

“If you travel, you always need to go to the airline’s website and then download a plugin like Travel Arrow so the deals pop up right here. It’ll show you all the good deals, and this one expires today so run!” travelsocial concludes.

Fortunately, travelsocial’s revelation isn’t the only way to save on flights. While Google Flights might be the go-to for many travelers, a variety of other tools and platforms can help you find the best deals for your trip.

According to an article on heretotravel.com, Skyscanner is highly recommended. When it comes to seating arrangements, nomadparadise.com recommends Seat Guru.

Travel is a frequent trending topic on social media. Though Google Flights might need a bit of help in 2023, in the past it served as a reliable source of affordable air travel.

The Daily Dot reached out to travelsocial via TikTok for comment.

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