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‘Why didn’t I know this sooner?!’: Passenger shares ‘travel hack’ for getting airline tickets for cheaper than online

‘And your best day to do this is on a Tuesday with Spirit.’


Melody Heald

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A woman revealed a travel hack she learned for getting cheaper airline tickets: purchasing them at the airport.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Gabrielle Moore (@_gabriellem21) who filmed herself pulling up into an airport. “So, I heard about this travel hack that if you go to the airport and purchase a ticket, it’s cheaper,” she said.

Moore decided to test this trick to see if would work. After waiting 20 minutes in line for a Spirit Airlines ticket, she bought a round trip to New York for a whopping $53.80, saving $46.02.

“Why didn’t I know this sooner?!” she captioned the video.

@_gabriellem21 Why didn’t I know this sooner?!✈️#travelhack #cheaptravel #cheapflights #travel ♬ fukumean – Gunna

The Daily Dot reached out to Moore via TikTok comment and direct message and Spirit Airlines via press email regarding the video. The video racked up over 413,000 views as of August 22, where people shared how they saved money doing this.

“I got a ticket from LA to Vegas for less than $20 at the airport one time,” a second shared.

In addition, others revealed different travel hacks.

“Allegiant does this during the summer you save like $35-70 per ticket if you go during their open hours during the week,” one user commented.

“Works for Spirit and Frontier,” a second stated.

“And your best day to do this is on a Tuesday with Spirit,” a third added.

However, one viewer noted. “Only happens with Spirit, ex American Airlines employee here, they don’t do that.”

This begs the question: is it cheaper to order a ticket in person or online? According to the blog Melanin is Life, “You might end up paying more for a flight at the airport than if you were to book online. However, some budget airlines are the exceptions. In particular, Allegiant, Spirit, and Frontier are known to charge certain fees online and over the phone that you don’t have to pay if you buy your plane ticket at the airport.”

The reason behind this is because these airlines, charge “a ‘passenger usage’ fee, which only applies to booking online or by phone, and does not apply to booking at the counter at the airport.” However, it is best to book in advance to save money.

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