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‘I need whatever she’s on’: Jack In the Box drive-thru customer blasts worker for calling out his Minute Maid order

‘Meee interacting with the customers after hitting the pen all day at work.’


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Feb 29, 2024   Updated on Feb 29, 2024, 5:40 am CST

Two Jack in the Box drive-thru customers went viral on TikTok after sharing the bizarre exchange they had with a worker there. 

User @bankheaddee recorded the video, which she uploaded to TikTok last week. In it, she sits in the passenger seat while her brother attempts to order a drink from Jack in the Box. 

The video began right as he attempted to order a drink. As of Tuesday morning, the clip had amassed over 1.5 million views.

“Y’all got peach flavor?” the brother asked.

“Uh huh,” the worker responded slowly. 

Then, presumably upon seeing that his order wasn’t entered into the chain’s computer correctly, he attempted to correct the worker’s alleged mistake. 

“No, Minute Maid,” he said. “Not lemonade. Minute Maid juice.”

This ask, however, didn’t appear to phase the worker.

“Minute Maid is lemonade. But it’s OK,” she responded. “Whatever makes you happy.”

She then asked the customer to confirm his flavor preference, and he reiterated that he wanted a peach-flavored drink. 

“Alrighty,” the worker responded, right as the video ended. 

@bankheaddee laughed to herself throughout the exchange, but joked in the accompanying video caption that she would not return to this specific Jack in the Box location again. 

In the comments, too, viewers expressed bewilderment and surprise at the worker’s responses. But most people seemed to think the exchange was an amusing one. 

“‘Minute Maid is lemonade’ hahahaha I’m done,” one commenter wrote.

“Y’all was matching [each other’s] energy fr,” another added.

“[She’s] just pushing thru the day,” a third person said. “She’s there to clock in and clock out. Unbothered.”

Others, however, joked that the worker was under the influence while taking orders.

@bankheaddee never comin to this damn jack in the box again 😂😂😭 #fyp #viral #fastfood ♬ original sound – BIG DAV

“I need whatever she’s on,” one person said. 

“She definitely higher [than] a kite,” another quipped. 

“Meee interacting with the customers after hitting the pen all day at work,” a third person added. 

This is certainly not the first time content creators have taken to TikTok to call out lackluster customer service at Jack in the Box. In November, one customer said that they visited three separate locations, but all of them were either closed or abandoned. Even workers there have long documented issues with the chain. In June, a Jack in the Box worker said she was fired for wearing gray socks instead of black ones. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to @bankheaddee via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 29, 2024, 7:00 am CST