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Now you can add your name to all your Instagram selfies

 A new feature aims to pull all the photos you’re in together.


Kris Holt


Ever struggled to find an Instagram photo months after the fact?

You might have forgotten when it was taken. Or who took it. Nevermore. A new feature aims to pull all the photos you’re in together.

The Photos of You tab will show all the filtered photos you’re tagged in. All you need to do is tap the menu button under a photo and hit the Add People option to tag friends.

The photos are viewable to the general public, unless you set your profile to private. You can choose to approve which photos appear by changing the option in your Photos of You section. You can also hide a photo from your profile by tapping on it, selecting your name and hitting the “Hide from My Profile” option. You can remove the tag from a photo completely in a similar way.

It’s a similar process to tagging your friends in Facebook photos, but with one key difference: You can’t add tags to photos shared by others. You’ll have to ask your friends to tag you in their photos if you want to collect all the images of you on Instagram together.

“This feature is just for the Instagram network, so the people, things, brands you add/tag in photos are only on Instagram,” a Facebook representative told the Daily Dot.

Instagram’s recent terms of service change facilitates more sharing of data between it and Facebook. Tying the two services more closely together through tagging makes a world of sense—seeing every photo of you on both Facebook and Instagram in one place would be very handy. Don’t be too surprised if those shared tags come into play eventually.

It’s also a data landgrab by Facebook. If you start tagging your favorite coffee shop in your Instagram photos, there’s every chance you might start seeing more coffee ads on Facebook.

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