nstacart customer says shopper increased quantities of items she asked for, didn't deliver it all

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‘He charged it to you and kept it!’: Instacart customer says shopper increased quantities of items she asked for, didn’t deliver it all

‘And this is why!!! I WILL ALWAYS SHOP FOR MYSELF!’


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An Instacart customer recently alleged that a shopper increased the number of items in her cart—and then apparently kept the surplus for themselves.

User @ragingloons posted the video documenting the outrage, which had more than 76,000 views as of Monday afternoon. In it, she showed screenshots of her Instacart order that the shopper apparently tampered with.

“Check this out. This is so bizarre,” @ragingloons said.

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@ragingloons said that her shopper increased the quantity of two cat litters and two cat foods she ordered on Instacart. She showed viewers a screenshot of the altered order.

She then switched to a view of a picnic table—presumably in her yard—which held the delivered groceries. Instead of four of each item, however, it appeared that some of the food and cat litter were missing. In one instance, @ragingloons said that she was charged for three bags of cat food, but only received two.

“So where is the other stuff that I freakin’ paid for?” @ragingloons asked. 

Commenters had their theories. 

“He charged it to you and kept it!” one offered.

“Oh yeah he needed stuff for his cats for sure after seeing this,” another said.

“Bet he didn’t keep it but returned it cause those are all bigger ticket items around $20 each,” a third person guessed. “Probably bought gas/cigs/beer at Murphys gas station.”

A few people said that instances like these have led them to not trust Instacart—or similar apps.

“And this is why!!! I WILL ALWAYS SHOP FOR MYSELF!” one user said.

“That’s exactly why you go to the store yourself instead of trusting a stranger to do it,” another noted. 

Update 2:35pm CT, June 26:

In a direct message to The Daily Dot, @ragingloons—who lives in California—said that she reported the items as missing within the Instacart app. “Within an hour or so, Instacart emailed me advising that they had refunded my whole order,” she said. “While they did refund all of the items I ordered, they did not refund the tip, service fees or tax.”

Since she was refunded, @ragingloons said that she does not plan to escalate the matter further. She also said that she was familiar with the shopper, but had never spoken to him in person.

“I am happy with the refund. I would feel awful if I was the reason why someone lost their job—even knowing that he ripped me off,” she said. “In fact, I didn’t feel comfortable decreasing his $60 tip even though I’ve been told that Instacart gives you that option after delivery.”

She continued: “If he would have asked me for cat litter or cat food I most certainly would have told him to take whatever he needed! I rescue cats and I’m always willing to help a fellow cat lover out!”

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