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‘Breaking up relationships since it came out’: Husband says wife’s work is ‘unacceptable’ while couple plays Overcooked

'Has you feeling like Gordon Ramsay.'


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Jan 3, 2024   Updated on Jan 3, 2024, 5:54 pm CST

In a series of viral TikTok clips with over 20 million views, user Mitchell Ferguson (@mitchell_ferguson) captivates audiences with intense, high-energy simulations from the popular cooperative cooking game Overcooked. The videos showcase the chaotic and fast-paced kitchen environment players must navigate to prepare and serve meals successfully under tight time constraints.

The first video sets the tone with a fierce rallying cry that may or may not be a relationship dealbreaker: “This is [expletive] unacceptable. You have to stay prepping. When the cart goes over, stay on your side. I’m working on soups. You work on fish and chips and pay attention somewhere. Fish? Some are just chips. We can’t keep [expletive] these orders. That’s how we keep money!”

His partner, unseen, says, “Yes, chef. Yes, chef. Yes, chef.”

This snippet of gameplay dialogue highlights the high stakes and intensity of kitchen management in Overcooked, reflecting the real pressures of a professional kitchen.

People in the comments admit to the game’s competitive nature bringing out new emotions. “Overcooked game [has been] breaking up relationships since it came out,” joked one commenter. Said another, “Any couple who’s played Overcooked together has had this same exact argument!”

“This game is now banned from game night in our household for a while due to my fiancé & friend getting way to overcooked themselves,” said another person. One claimed to gain the feeling of being a celebrity chef: “Overcooked has you feeling like Gordon Ramsey when you play in groups.”

“I thought it was a skit but his face when you start saying ‘yes, chef’ makes me think this was incredibly real,” said another commenter.

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Transitioning from the heated frustrations of the first video, the second video captures a moment of triumphant celebration: “You [expletive] did it! That’s what the [expletive] I’m talking about! That’s teamwork! That’s when you stay organized and focused. His partner, replies, laughing at the ridiculousness, ‘Yes, chef!’ This illustrates the rewarding feeling of accomplishing challenging culinary tasks through effective teamwork and coordination, embodying the essence of what makes Overcooked a thrilling and satisfying gaming experience.

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Overcooked gained significant acclaim for its engaging and innovative gameplay. Released across multiple platforms since 2016, it has received numerous positive reviews and awards. The game challenges players to take on the roles of chefs in increasingly complex kitchens, preparing various dishes against the clock. The chaotic kitchen layouts, with multiple obstacles and hazards, require players to strategize and cooperate effectively to earn the highest scores.

The game’s design emphasizes local cooperative play, allowing up to four players to tackle culinary challenges. While a single-player mode is available, the game shines as a cooperative experience, with players often needing to communicate and coordinate tightly to manage the onslaught of orders and kitchen calamities. The variety of kitchen settings heightens the immersive experience, each introducing unique challenges and requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Mitchell Ferguson’s TikTok series highlights the exhilarating and sometimes overwhelming world of Overcooked, drawing in viewers with its relatable depiction of kitchen chaos and the joys of successful teamwork. The videos resonate with anyone who has experienced the high-pressure environment of cooking and serving under tight deadlines, whether in a game or a real-life kitchen.

The Daily Dot has contacted @mitchell_ferguson via TikTok comment for further insights into his viral gaming experience.

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2024, 10:00 pm CST