Hooters worker uses makeup on her dyed hair so she doesn't get fired

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‘I refused to get rid of my money pieces’: Hooters waitress uses makeup on her hair so she doesn’t get fired

'I refuse to dye my hair for a job I work 3 days a week for.'


Phil West


Posted on May 27, 2023

A Hooters employee who claims to be conflict with management over the color of her hair has found a novel workaround—she’s applying makeup to her hair to mask the offending color.

The video comes from TikToker @chelseaponsell, getting more than 5 million views since getting the 5-second video up on May 14.

It shows her using a makeup brush on her hair with a fairly flat expression.

The accompanying caption fills in the viewer further: “Me putting [eyeshadow] on my money pieces because I’m fired from Hooters if i don’t.”

She goes on to say there, “I refuse to dye my hair for a job I work 3 days a week for. Not to mention I was hired 2 years ago with the same hair I have now.”

Commenters weighed in with suggestions and advice.


Me putting eyeshowdow on my money pieces because im fired from hooters if i dont 🤠i refuse to dye my hair for a job i work 3 days a week for. Not to mention i was hired 2 years ago with the same hair i have now.

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“L’Oréal paris magic root cover up!!!” suggested one. “Washes right out had to use it on mine when i was in a play.”

“Be careful with these as they can stain the hair over time as they contain artificial pigments!” one advised. “Had a client come in and it had stained her greys.”

Ponsell responded, “Y’all I stopped using it after 1 day and they haven’t said anything to me yet Ig they think I’m waiting for my hair appointment but I’m not.”

It also brought along some people who can relate.

“Brooo, I applied at Twin Peaks and she wanted me to work there so bad but said I had to dye my blue money pieces. Not doing that for a job.”

“I was literally talking about this today,” one said. “I quit Hooters bc I refused to get rid of my money pieces.”

Later in the comments section, it appears that Ponsell reconsidered dying her hair after assessing “I done fucked it up it’s too late,” reporting, “I put brown color conditioner on it and it’s like green grey omg.”

Ten days later, Ponsell went back to her own page to say, “I went two shifts without “covering them” and haven’t gotten in trouble yet, we’ll see.” Asserting her independence, she added, “I’m not dying my hair. Fuck that shit.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Hooters via email.

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*First Published: May 27, 2023, 5:35 am CDT