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‘Flavortown’: Walmart customer compares Gordon Ramsay vs. Guy Fieri frozen lasagnas. Who did it best?

'Pepperoni is very overpowering'


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Posted on Nov 22, 2023   Updated on Nov 22, 2023, 6:33 am CST

A food-reviewer on TikTok went viral for posting his rating of Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fieri’s store-bought frozen lasagnas. After comparing both he found a clear winner, yet viewers say that Stouffer’s lasagna will always be the best overall choice.

Jason (@eatoutwithjason) has reached over 635,000 views and 30,000 likes on his video by Wednesday. He says he will continue to review other frozen lasagna brands after the success of his video. 

In it, Jason says he went to Walmart to specifically try the new Guy Fieri frozen lasagna. When he made his way to the frozen aisle, he found that there was also a new Gordon Ramsay frozen lasagna. 

“Made by the same company, for the same price,” he says. Both lasagnas were listed at $5.94. 

Jason says he is going to buy both so he can decide which is better. He added a Stouffer’s lasagna for “comparison purposes.” The original Stouffer’s lasagna was sold for $3.48.

Once Jason returns home, he cooks all three lasagnas and says he is going to start with Stouffers. “Think that’s the constant that we all have had before,” he adds.

After taking a bite, he says Stouffers has “always been there for us.” In an on-screen caption, Jason gives the audience some information on Stouffer’s history. He wrote that Stouffer’s started as a creamery in Cleveland in 1898, and also started the frozen food division in 1946.

“Pretty good meat, good sauce,” he says, “but I’m gonna give the Stouffers a solid 8,” out of 10. 

Next, Jason tries the Guy Fieri lasagna. This frozen meal is labeled as “Cheesy Lasagna with Pepperoni.” 

Before trying the lasagna Jason says, “If I’m gonna be honest, It does not look fantastic,” as he records the frozen meal in front of him. After taking his first bite, he says that the “Pepperoni is very overpowering.”

He adds that, “It’s good, but I feel like they tried to do too much with it, there’s a lot of flavors jumping over each other.” 

Continuing his on-screen history facts, Jason writes that Guy Fieri is “arguably the single greatest influence of our generation, an absolute saint that we don’t deserve, showing all of us the greatest diners, drive-ins, and dives.” 

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Jason said the Stouffers lasagna beat Guy Fieri’s by “quite a bit.” He rated Guy Fieri’s lasagna a 6.7/10. “Sorry, Guy, I still love you,” he adds.

Then he records Gordon Ramsay’s frozen meal. “This one looks the neatest,” he says before taking his first bite. “That was a nice cut,” he adds. 

Jason’s on-screen fact for Ramsay says, “Chef Ramsay yells at people.” 

He also adds that Ramsay’s lasagna tasted the most like a bolognese sauce. “I think it’s got the best flavors, it’s balanced, the cheese is a good, whipped-creamy texture,” he adds.

Before ending his video, Jason says this is “one of the better frozen TV dinners I’ve had,” and rates Ramsay’s lasagna at a 8.6/10.

Yet Jason captioned his video, “Name a better value than Stouffer’s family size.” 

Most viewers agree in the comment section saying things like, “Stouffers is the GOAT.”

“For almost half the price, and only .6 difference in comparison,” referring to his rating of Ramsay’s lasagna, “I’d think that Stouffer’s is the better deal,” another comment says.

Other viewers say Jason’s video helped them choose what dinner to buy next, and ask him to keep posting food review videos. 

“I really love that you include the facts! You’re not just simply rating. Makes it more fun to watch bro, keep it up!” one says.

Another told Jason, “I NEED MORE LASAGNA REVIEWS, try the Lean Cuisine, the Marie Callenders, ALL OF EM.” Jason responded to this comment saying, “I accept this responsibility and will now be reviewing lasagna all winter.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Jason via TikTok direct message. 

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*First Published: Nov 22, 2023, 6:31 am CST