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‘WAIT THAT IS SMART’: Customer finally figures out the trick to getting a fuller Chipotle bowl

'It’s always LOADED.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Apr 16, 2024   Updated on Apr 16, 2024, 12:54 pm CDT

There once was a time when the Chipotle burrito bowl was widely regarded as an efficient and high-value meal for folks on the go.

Now, many everyday customers complain about smaller portion sizes at higher prices. Some also suspect there is a difference between bowls ordered online vs. those made in-store under the watchful eye of the customer, separated by mere plexiglass.

One TikToker says she believes she found a way to ensure she receives a full bowl from Chipotle when ordering online—by putting her boyfriend’s name on it.

In video posted to the platform by @jeweldiaz that has drawn over 4.6 million views, the poster suggests that Chipotle employees will be more inclined to provide her with larger portions if they think she is actually a man.

“Me putting my bf’s name on my Chipotle online order bc they give men bigger portions,” text overlay on the video reads.

In her caption, she asked whether or not this may come from a place of misogyny, with the assumption being that women need less food to get by.

@jeweldiaz is this misogyny?? @Chipotle 😞😞 #bigback #bigbackactivities #trend #chipotle #satire #joke #funny #viral #florida #fyp #parati #foryou ♬ Big Backs Unite – knewtney

The Daily Dot has reached out to @jeweldiaz via TikTok direct message as well as to Chipotle via email.

Several viewers shared that they had also noticed a difference between the portions they received based on their outward appearance or how their name sounds.

“No bc i think this is trueeee,” one commenter wrote. This commenter suggested they enjoy Chipotle with their boyfriend; they said they barley get a full scoop of chicken, while their boyfriend gets a scoop-and-a-half.

Another woman said they when her boyfriend ordered Chipotle for her, it was the “perfect bowl.” “I swear it was so heavy it was delicious. And I will always think back to that perfect bowl,” they shared.

“My coworker will order it and his will be full and mine will be half empty. From the same location on top of that,” another said.

One commenter said their name is Victoria but that when she orders online, the “A” is cut off. “And it’s always LOADED,” she said.

“I have a unisex name and I get HEAPING portions but when I pull up, they’re VERY STINGY,” another wrote. “Like girl give me a HEFTY scoop.”

Even the official Chipotle TikTok account joked, “hey Siri, what’s the definition of girl math?”

While there’s only anecdotal evidence that Chipotle workers give customers they think are men more food, there is an explanation from Chipotle regarding the difference between bowls ordered online vs. those made in-store. In 2020, Chipotle CFO Jack Hartung said, according to Eat This, Not That, that crew members often feel pressured to give customers more food when they are watching. “The crew will see just the way that a customer is looking at them and think, ‘Oh, I better put another scoop in'” he said at the time.

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*First Published: Apr 16, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT