Customer shares recipe for First Watch iced coffee at home after accidentally spending $30 on it in-store

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‘The girl told us how they make their coffee’: Customer shares recipe for First Watch iced coffee at home after accidentally spending $30 on it in-store

‘So wait, we’ve been bamboozled?’


Grace Fowler


A customer posted a TikTok sharing the purported recipe for First Watch’s iced coffee so viewers can make it at home instead of buying it at the brunch chain.

Chloe (@chloe_xandria) has reached over 75,000 likes on her viral video. In her nearly one-minute video, Chloe and her partner, Adam, sit at a table and explain how they had recently gone to First Watch because they thought there was “unlimited” iced coffee.

She says that Adam ordered seven iced coffees under this false notion, and when they received their check, they “ended up having to pay for $30 worth of iced coffee.” 

Chloe says when she and Adam got up to the counter to pay for the coffee, the barista kindly gave them the recipe to make it themselves at home. “And I’m gonna show you how they make it,” she adds, “because obviously, immediately we went home and ordered it.”

How to make the coffee

Sitting on the table in front of Chloe is a glass of ice and a gallon of whole milk. After she pours in the milk to fill about 75 percent of the glass, she pulls out a bottle of Monin 1 Liter Premium Iced Coffee Concentrate.

“They take this, just this,” she says, and “put one ounce in.” Adam adds that it’s equivalent to “just two full tablespoons.”

Chloe pours the concentrate into her glass and mixes it with the ice and milk before taking her first sip. She says it tastes “exactly like First Watch iced coffee.”

Before ending her video, Chloe tells viewers that there’s “no need to go to First Watch and buy iced coffee anymore because you can literally make it at home so easily, and you don’t have to pay $30.”

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Customers felt duped

A viewer in the comments section asked, “So wait, we’ve been bamboozled??? Cause it’s just an iced coffee flavored syrup ??” 

“It’s just milk and sugar. NO CAFFEINE?!?” a second questioned.

In response, another viewer explained, “it’s concentrate, in a bottle.” 

Coffee concentrate is made by “placing coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water and leaving it to brew,” Flight Fuel Coffee states. “The end result is a highly concentrated liquid, which when diluted becomes palatable. It can then be used to make almost any coffee drink,” the company adds.

Monin states on its website that its Iced Coffee Concentrate contains 74 mg/1 oz of caffeine per serving size. It adds that many Monin coffee flavors contain real coffee extracts, “so they do contain caffeine.”

“The amount is generally equal to or lower than one would expect to consume in an average size cup of regular coffee or espresso-based beverage,” the company continues.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, an average cup of coffee “contains between 80 to 100 milligrams of caffeine,” Food & Wine states. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Chloe via TikTok comment and email and to First Watch via media contact form for more information.

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