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‘I feel like I have been doing everything wrong my whole life’: Hack expert shares what the purpose of the Duracell battery package is

'At this point, I think I’m breathing wrong too.'


Phil West


Posted on Oct 25, 2023

The next time you purchase batteries, before tearing through the package and dumping the batteries you don’t need into your junk drawer, you might want to consider a better option.

That better option is showcased in a TikTok video by one of the platform’s most reliable fonts of knowledge, Jordan the Stallion (@jordan_the_stallion8). In the video released on Tuesday, which has received an astounding two million-plus views in just 14 hours, Jordan demonstrates, using a Duracell battery package, that the cardboard and plastic container is actually reusable.

“I had no idea that these battery containers are reusable,” he begins. “There’s a reason why this cardboard cuts off right here. And if you were to run your finger on the bottom here, you can feel a lump. That is so when you bend this backwards, it can actually close, so you can make it reusable.”

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He continues to demonstrate, noting, “So when you open the back part here, you can take as many batteries as you need. … Next thing you want to do, fold the top downward. You see this little opening? That’s what this piece of cardboard is for.”

He then expertly completes the process of creating a self-contained package for the remaining batteries in the container.

Viewers were impressed.

One remarked, “This whole time I could have been utilizing the package instead of just dumping them in my junk drawer???”

Another said, “I feel like I have been doing everything wrong my whole life.”

Someone else, in the same vein, wrote, “I’m too old to just now learn this.”

One commenter remarked that they’d gotten partway there, but the video helped them get a complete understanding of the process. “I always opened the cutout part but didn’t know how the top part folds back. MINDBLOWN.”

Another questioned everything, remarking, “I need EVERYTHING to come with instructions at this point. Am I using toilet paper wrong at this point?”

Not everyone was a believer, however. Someone pointed out, “Except those packages NEVER tear on the perforation.”

Another agreed with that sentiment, saying, “But the way it NEVER opens on the dotted lines so it’s just a mess.”

But some marveled at what the platform brought them. “Why am I learning more on Tiktok than everr,” one wondered.

Someone else observed, “tiktok algorithm better than our dang schools smh.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator and Duracell via email.

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*First Published: Oct 25, 2023, 11:20 am CDT