DoorDash driver relieves himself in customer's yard

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‘I obviously did not give the driver a tip’: DoorDash customer says driver relieved himself in his yard after delivering order

‘Must have had to go real bad.’


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A redditor alleges that he witnessed his DoorDash driver urinating in his yard after dropping off his delivery order.

The post was uploaded by redditor u/Ogfif99, who recounted the story on the r/doordash subreddit. The creator writes that he placed an order for Vietnamese food. After a while, he gets a notification from the app that his “food was here.”

The creator waits a few minutes to make sure the driver has left. However, he says, “I go to check that the driver has left but I see the vehicle is still parked on the street in front of my house and he is sitting inside.” Shrugging this off, the creator brings his food inside. Then, he receives a call from a friend.

While on the phone, the redditor notices the DoorDasher’s car is still parked outside. When he peeks outside to get a better look, the customer sees something by the bushes.

“It took me a minute to realize wtf was happening but I realize It’s the driver kneeling behind a bush taking a p*ss in my front yard,” the redditor alleges. Before the creator can do anything, the driver “zips up and runs back to his car and drives away.”

“Wtf was going through this man’s head like he couldn’t hold it for another few minutes?” the redditor asks.

“I obviously did not give the driver a tip,” he adds. The redditor concludes the story by addressing the driver, “And if the driver is in this sub please just hold it and use a bathroom next time homie because not everyone is as chill as I am.”

Users on the platform seemed to see both sides of the story, but most agreed with u/Ogfif99 that the Doordash driver’s behavior was out of bounds.

“Must have had to go real bad,” one user sympathized.

“On one hand, you gotta go when you gotta go. But like… that’s a health violation. And super gross,” a second commented.

“Sh*t happens, he rocked a p*ss in the bushes and took off. Not sure why this would freak anyone out,” a third remarked.

“You shouldn’t be chill about something like that. no one, drive or stranger even someone you know, should be taking a leak in your front freaking yard,” a fourth said.

The redditor joins a list of other customers who’ve had unusual encounters with their DoorDash drivers. TikTok user Ronnita revealed how her driver allegedly “stole” her dog on New Year’s Day, and user Aaron unveiled a series of messages between him and his driver along with a photo of his Chick-fil-A order in a tree.

The Daily Dot reached out to u/Ogfif99 via Reddit direct message and DoorDash via press email.

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