DoorDash employee greenscreen TikTok over image of order with caption 'next one we have $7.50 for 9 miles' (l) DoorDash employee speaking in front of tan walls with DoorDash logo at bottom and caption 'I got a total of 22 orders tonight. And I only accepted 7 of them' (c) DoorDash employee greenscreen TikTok over image of order with caption 'I absolutely did not take this' (r)

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‘I got a total of 22 orders tonight and I only accepted 7 of them’: DoorDash driver reveals what delivery orders she does and doesn’t take in PSA

‘My rule of thumb is $1 a mile.’


Maya Wray


A Kansas-based DoorDash driver explained “why [her] acceptance rate is 45%” in a viral TikTok posted on Mar. 29.

In the video, which has been viewed 48,000 times as of Saturday, user Tanz (@tanzacochran) breaks down a single night of DoorDashing during which she received 22 orders— she only completed seven. 

@tanzacochran why my acceptance rate is 45% #greenscreen #doordash #doordasher #doordashdriver #fyp #sidehustle ♬ original sound – Tanz

Tanz says she declined 10 orders that paid less than a dollar per mile, including two from Outback Steakhouse, which she says she never accepts orders from because they “take forever.”

She says she also declined some orders that paid over a dollar per mile because they took her to parts of town that were out of her selected range or that she didn’t want to drive in. 

Ultimately, Tanz says she earned $45 for the seven orders she accepted that night, including a $15 order that she traveled 7.6 miles to complete.

“That is the highest-paying order that I’ve ever had. I was like heck yeah, I’ll take it,” she says in the video.

Several food delivery drivers commented that they don’t accept orders paying less than a dollar per mile. 

“I do this for ones close to other restaurants, but for ones going away from town I do at least two dollars a mile,” user @at1332 shared. 

Recently, another DoorDash driver in Detroit, Michigan went viral after he gave away an order for which he wasn’t tipped. In the TikTok, user AnnA (@annawantsababy) says he drove five to seven miles to deliver a sushi roll to a customer for only $2.50.

A DoorDash driver under Tanz’s video shared a hack for protecting her acceptance rate without declining orders.

“I just let the timer run out. I’ve been doing this for a while and it hasn’t affected my acceptance rate,” they revealed.

“I have wondered about this,” Tanz replied. “Thank you so much, I’m going to start doing that.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Tanz via TikTok comment.

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