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‘You couldn’t tell by the price it wasn’t for a side salad?’: Customer receives catering-sized salad after ordering only 1 on DoorDash

‘When they say it’s for one, do they mean like.. one household?’


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jul 5, 2023

A DoorDash customer went viral on TikTok after accidentally ordering enough salad to feed a party of people. 

The account @dashdropfood re-shared the video, which showed off the ginormous aluminum serving tray that was delivered to the customer’s home. The customer, whose face is never shown, said that the salad was intended only for her mom. 

@dashdropfood I wouldnt even be mad 😋 #doordashfails #gonewrong #fails #funny ♬ original sound – DailyDashDrop

The customer said that she gave her sister access to her DoorDash account to purchase the salad. While she noticed that the salad was expensive—considering it was meant to be “a serving for one”—she said that she didn’t overthink the price. 

“It’s for my mom, so I didn’t trip,” she said. 

Her DoorDash shopper, however, apparently delivered a densely packed salad tray littered with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and red onions, among other ingredients. 

“This is what they give me,” the customer said, laughing. As of Wednesday morning, the video had nearly 3 million views. As @dashdropfood regularly reposts food delivery-related videos, it’s unclear who the original poster is.

“I wouldnt even be mad,” the caption read. 

While most commenters were amused, some questioned why the price didn’t raise more alarm bells.

“You mean you couldn’t tell by the price it wasn’t for a side salad?” one comment read. 

“When they say it’s for one, do they mean like.. one household?” another quipped.

“I think you miss the *serving for 1 family*,” a third person said.

Several other viewers offered suggestions for what they would do if they were in the customer’s situation.

“I would just share it with everyone I know, have a salad party,” one person recommended.

“Feed 20 people,” another wrote. 

“Looks like everyone is eating salad today,” a third comment said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @dashdropfood via TikTok comment and to DoorDash by email. 

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*First Published: Jul 5, 2023, 8:06 am CDT