customer holding sangria at Dollar Tree with caption 'Dollar tree got alcohol now?' (l) Dollar Tree building with sign (c) alcohol display in Dollar Tree caption 'Dollar tree got alcohol now?' (r)

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‘Dollar Tree got alcohol now!?’: Customer finds alcohol at Dollar Tree

‘That hangover is gonna last a week.’


Phil West


It’s one thing to find a store where you can reliably find booze that fits within your prudent budget. Now imagine your mind blown as you learn that Dollar Tree carries alcohol.

That was the experience of one shopper who shared her delight online. The video was posted to TikTok by Bridget M. (@be4short_), and it has received more than 259,000 views since being posted to the social media platform.

The text overlay on the video remarks, “Dollar Tree got alcohol now!?” In the clip, Bridget shows bottles of wine on a Dollar Tree shelf, and her buying a bottle of red sangria along with two packs of batteries. Each of the three items, including the full bottle of wine, is $1.25.

@be4short_ Yall knew this or am I late?? God heard our prayers cause inflation eating us up! 😭😩 @Dollar Tree #inflation #dollartree #dollartreefinds #dollartreehacks #fyp #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Bridget M.

The caption further underscores the shopper’s excitement. She writes, “Yall knew this or am I late?? God heard our prayers cause inflation eating us up!”

The appearance of alcohol at her local Dollar Tree was certainly a surprise to Bridget, but it appears that the store is expanding its offerings as of late. The Daily Dot recently reported on a shopper who was pleased to find the store now carries name-brand frozen foods, while another was thrilled to discover their location has Beyond Meat.

Viewers were also excited to learn about Bridget’s discovery, and they shared their thoughts in the comments.

“That hangover is gonna last a week,” quipped one, commenting on the supposed lingering effects of cheap wine taken to an extreme.

Another predicted, “Imagine the worst hangover and times it by five.”

“That’s how you know life hard,” cracked another.

One viewer, curious about what the wine tastes like, declared, “I need you to test this out!!!”

The creator obliged the request for a wine taste test and review, despite the fact that she had to go back to the store to buy a wine glass. In the second part of her Dollar Tree saga, she dutifully notes the percentage of alcohol in each bottle, while giving her honest opinion about the wines.

@be4short_ Replying to @user3099125494784 @Dollar Tree #dollartree #dollartreefinds2023 #dollartreehacks #dollartreefinds #inflation ♬ original sound – Bridget M.

“It’s not bad at all,” she assesses of the red sangria. “It’s smooth, it’s not super sweet.”

The white selections didn’t fare so well, though. Upon tasting the first bottle, the TikToker makes a face and says, “It tastes like water, and then alcohol,” eventually concluding that the drink actually tastes closer to, “water-vodka.”

Bridget then grabs another white with the cheeky name Sheep Thrills, and notes that this one, “doesn’t really have a taste.”

As one commenter noted, “I can’t believe I am watching a Dollar Tree wine tasting and review.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Bridget via TikTok comment.

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