Dollar General worker says manager threw stuff at her on her second day on the job. Viewers defend her response

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‘I had to talk my husband out of hurting him’: Dollar General worker says manager threw stuff at her on her second day on the job. Viewers defend her response

'Girl your better than me cause I would have walked out right then.'


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Posted on Feb 10, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 1:16 pm CST

A woman joked that she was “jinxed” by social media users after she started a new job she immediately quit after being subjected to a violent outburst from her manager.

“OK, y’all were right and I only made it two days at Dollar General,” TikToker Ariganja (@ariganja) confesses at the beginning of a viral TikTok. In it, she shares why she couldn’t stand working for the budget retail chain any longer.

Her video accrued 170,000 views as of Saturday, along with hundreds of comments.

“My manager literally threw something at me, straight up,” she frontloads at the top of the clip, indicating that this level of workplace violence is more than likely what precipitated her swift exit from the store.

She begins her story by stating how she was approached by a customer.

“So this lady comes up and she says, ‘Oh, I think you accidentally overcharged me for these because they were in the dollar area and they rang up as $3.75,'” she says.

The TikToker explains the customer was “super nice” and not rude.” She explains how the customer showed the manager where she got the item and he responded that “[the items] are not supposed to be there.”

“So since they were in the dollar spot he had to honor it and he was pissed about it. Like super pissed,” the TikToker says. “So he goes and grabs the whole entire container and there are those little things that you hook on the inside of your toilet and it makes the water change and it smells good and he grabs them and walks them over to the front where I am still standing.”

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It is at this point that the TikToker is shocked at his next move.

“And I kid you not, this man takes them and f*cking throws them at my feet. And when he threw them at me it hit the shelf and everything on the shelf fell to the f*cking floor,” she says.

She says how the customer witnessed this whole ordeal and asked her if she was all right.

“He starts going on and on about how our other employee didn’t stock them where they were supposed to go and that it makes him really mad. He issues her the refund, which was literally like f*cking $8 that he was that mad about,” she says. “And I was just so shook I continued to finish the rest of my day, because I only had like an hour from that point. But when I got home and told my husband what happened, he was absolutely furious.”

She explains how her husband forbade her to go back to working there because of her manager’s violent outburst and she agreed.

At this point in the video, it transitions to her standing in front of a green screen of the text message conversation she had with her (former) manager at the Dollar General store, Eric, telling him that she wouldn’t be working there any longer.

“Hey eric just texting to let you know I won’t be coming back. Yesterday was an experience and having you throw those things basically at me it’s just no a professional or good work environment to be in. Thank you,” the text read.

While she blocked out Eric’s response to her in the message, Ariganja goes on to say that he proceeded to call her multiple times after the text. She says that she didn’t answer his calls because she “just quit.”

She then moves out of the way to show what Eric text her back.

“I apologize for that….i would appreciate it do you would reconsider. You caught me at a bad moment,” he writes.

Ariganja then goes on to tell him that she will not be making it back to work because her husband won’t allow her to, to which her ex-manager replied, “ok.”

Numerous commenters shared various opinions on Ariganja’s Dollar General employment.

One commented, “Girl your better than me cause I would have walked out right then.”

Someone else encouraged her to “report him to corporate” adding that working with someone who flies off the handle like that would make them “feel so unsafe.”

This sentiment was echoed by someone else who added that she could enter into litigation against the manager for acting violently towards her while she was on shift.

“I’d also call corporate and say you may pursue legal charges against that manager,” they said.

“He could have hurt you or one of the customers during his tantrum,” another TikTok user pointed out.

This isn’t the first time The Daily Dot has written about Dollar General workers who’ve expressed their dissatisfaction in being employed by the company. One worker talked about how unsafe it is for employees to be there at night (especially female employees).

At other locations, it looks like management is having a difficult time even keeping their Dollar General stores staffed as one place appears to operate on an “honor system” because there weren’t any workers present.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dollar General and Ariganja via email for further information.

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*First Published: Feb 10, 2024, 4:00 pm CST