Kona Grill customer blasts restaurant after no one in her family gets food despite reservation


‘My father-in-law has diabetes’: Kona Grill customer says no one in her family got food despite reservation

‘It’s happening everywhere!’


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If there is one thing customers will expect to receive at a restaurant, far and above decent service and a welcoming atmosphere, it is food. Maybe not anything out of the ordinary—food that comes to the table on a hot griddle, aflame or otherwise—but a regular plate of something comforting they’ve picked from the menu.

Well, one family’s recent outing to a restaurant left them hungry and concerned for the wellbeing of a member of their party who is diabetic.

One would-be customer of upscale casual dining chain Kona Grill says that despite having a reservation and being sat by a server, they received none of the food that they ordered. In a video posted to TikTok by user @saraigarciaxoxo, she says her family was there for over an hour and did not even receive their appetizers.

“I usually don’t make these type of videos, but you guys don’t come to this place,” she says in the video. “It’s called Kona Grill, if you can see it. We came for Mother’s Day and they had us here. We got here at 7. They didn’t even serve us food, OK. We got no food. It is right now 8:47pm. They didn’t even care. I was so shocked to my core. I’m just telling you guys, don’t. Mother’s Day is ruined.”

The long wait for dinner was especially concerning for @saraigarciaxoxo’s father-in-law, who she says is diabetic and had already injected himself with a dose of insulin in anticipation of the meal.

“We didn’t get to eat,” she says. “My father-in-law has diabetes. So he injected himself with insulin. He didn’t get any food. So now they’re running to go get him some food because obviously his sugar spikes or something happens and he’s diabetic, so that’s not good. My daughter hasn’t eaten. She’s been asking for a cheese pizza that they were supposed to bring her. They didn’t bring starters, nothing. And the waitress didn’t even care. So I’m just saying, don’t go to Kona Grill, worst place ever.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @saraigarciaxoxo via TikTok direct message, as well as to Kona Grill via contact form regarding the video.

Diabetic father-in-law left hanging at Kona Grill

Diabetics who take insulin in anticipation of a meal but do not get to eat it may run the risk of overdosing. Overdosing on insulin can create symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as sweating, confusion, and a rapid heartbeat. If their blood sugar gets too low, they may need to seek medical attention as severe hypoglycemia can cause seizures, vision problems and unconsciousness.

Diabetic customers have shared many frustrations with the restaurant industry, from being given the wrong beverage that contains more sugar than they can safely consume to being shamed for ensuring that their coffee beverage only includes sugar-free syrup.

Some viewers shared that they had similar experiences recently at different restaurants, being left to sit for long periods of time without receiving any of their food orders.

“This happen to us at apple bees not on Mother’s Day empty and still had nerve to help someone who walked in 10 after us so we left,” one commenter wrote.

“This happened to me at dennys diner in Wisconsin by the resorts,” another commenter wrote. “So rude asked 3x about the food and at the 1hr mark I told everyone to get up and leave. We went down the street somewhere else.”

“It’s happening everywhere!” a commenter wrote. “We went to Sweet Maple in the city & my mom’s order was incomplete. When I told the waitress, she was like, ‘Oh, really?’ I was just like.”

Other viewers shared that they were particularly concerned to hear that the poster’s father-in-law had already injected insulin before the meal, but was not able to eat anything for some time after.

“I’m diabetic and if you inject [insulin] you have to eat after cuz ur blood sugar can get really low if I don’t eat anything,” one commenter wrote.

@saraigarciaxoxo Unless you want to eat air dont go to KONA GRILL #fyp #konagrill #foryou #dontgo #restaurant ♬ original sound – Sarai Garcia

“thanks for letting us know – i will cancel them from my places to eat… i’m diabetic too so Kona Grill is a no for me here on in,” another commenter wrote.

“I don’t like making videos on this as well , but I feel u on this one,” a commenter wrote. “I’m diabetic and I agree with you.”

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