Delivery driver says customer offered her a bottle of water. But the seal was broken

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‘Happens way too often’: Delivery driver says customer offered her a bottle of water. But the seal was broken


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A delivery driver revealed what she does whenever a customer offers her a bottle of water but the seal is broken.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user DeNika (@theofficialdenika), who works as a USPS driver. In this skit, the text overlay reads: “POV: customer offers you glass of water.” DeNika responds, “Thank you but for our safety, we can only take bottles of water.” The customer apologizes before handing DeNika a bottle of water. After DeNika gives her thanks, she notices a problem: The bottled water was already opened.

What does DeNika do? Tosses it in the garbage can. According to the caption, this “happens way too often.”

@theofficialdenika Replying to @princesssangela happens way too often 😅🤣 #openwaterbottle ♬ original sound – DeNika | Comedy Creator

The video garnered more than 110,000 views within a day. DeNika’s experience resonated with many viewers who are delivery drivers.

“Sisssssss my customer gave me a bottle of water and said, don’t worry we reuse the bottles but the water is good. I (trash can emoji) it later. LMBO,” one viewer shared.

“Exactly ! I got so scared when I got a soda that didn’t seal I was like nooooo,” a second wrote.

In addition, drivers shared other unusual refreshments customers have offered them.

“I had a customer fill up a Pepsi bottle with water I was baffled,” one user commented.

“Lady offered me home made ice tea in a deer park water bottle ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!” a second remarked.

“Someone gave me candy once. Straight to the trash sorry but have to protect myself,” a user third stated.

DeNika isn’t the only delivery driver to go viral for discussing customer offerings. One USPS delivery driver praised customers who leave water out during scorching 102-degree weather. What does he do with the water? Pour all over himself. Another USPS delivery driver keeps track of how many customers offer her beverages.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, DeNika revealed that she has worked for USPS for seven years. This incident usually occurs about a couple of times a month. And each time it raises red flags.

“When you do get one, it automatically raise a red flag,” she said. “It’s understood that some customers may refill their bottles because it’s intended for them to drink out of, but when given to a carrier it would be considered a safety hazard because 1) someone else has already drank from the bottle and 2) the nature of the drink is not confirmed, i.e. is it safe to drink, is it all water/tea/Gatorade or was something slipped in there? How long has the drink been open?, etc.”

Any unsealed drink is immediately discarded. With regard to cups of water, it took one bad experience for her to decline them when offered.

“This particular day, I was offered water by a man who had cats. He had water in a glass jar and poured the cup right in front of me,” she said. “I didn’t pay attention to the jar of water but once I started drinking my water I saw stuff floating in the cup. My mind made me think it was cat hair or pieces of cat food. I was so disgusted and poured it out once I got so far down the street.”

These days, DeNika tells customers, “thank you but for our safety” she must politely decline.

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