Worker says customer asked for recommendation, took one sip and handed back the drink


‘I wish i was that rich’: Worker says customer asked for recommendation, took one sip and handed $6 drink back to worker

‘She should’ve asked for a sample.’


Stacy Fernandez


Viewers on TikTok are divided after a customer abandoned a $6 drink because they didn’t like the taste.

In a viral video, Richard Tran (@richardntran), who works at a bubble tea shop, explains that a customer asked him for a drink recommendation, so he suggested the person try the brand’s passion fruit slush since it’s one of his personal favorites.

While the person took Tran’s recommendation to heart and ordered the yellow beverage, they didn’t end up liking the $6 drink. Tran speculated that it was the milk foam that the person didn’t enjoy.

Tran said the person took one sip of the beverage, said, “No thank you,” put the drink on the counter, and left.

The worker was very taken aback that the customer abandoned their purchase after spending $6 to $7 on it.

“i wish i was that rich but never that wasteful,” Tran wrote in the caption.


i wish i was that rich but never that wasteful 😐

♬ original sound – richard tran

The video has more than 40,000 views and dozens of comments as of Wednesday morning. Tran is known on TikTok for making food-related content, and he has most recently focused on behind-the-scenes drink preparation and the boba-making process at his job.

Tran appears to work for Cuppa Tea, a Hong Kong-style drink and food chain with stateside locations in Queens, New York, and Baltimore’s College Park. While the chain made its United States debut a few years ago, it has more than 800 locations internationally.

Commenters were split about the situation. Several agreed with Tran and thought the person was being wasteful.

“If I decide to spend my money of a 6$ drink idc if I don’t like it it’s either going down or I’m at least giving it to someone,” the top comment read.

“They might not even be rich, just wasteful,” another person said.

Others pointed out that at least the person tried something new, and they shouldn’t have to force themselves to consume something they don’t enjoy.

“I do that all the time! When I wanna try something new and not all times it tastes good. Everyone has different tastes,” a commenter wrote.

“If she/he don’t like it, why need to force yourself to drink it…” a person said.

Another offered a possibly helpful solution. “She should’ve asked for a sample. Most smoothie shops offer leftovers as samples,” the viewer chimed in.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tran via email.

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